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Automate your User Access Reviews


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Data quality: Take back control of your authorizations

Clean data is a fundamental prerequisite for managing authorizations, ensuring compliance and reducing access-related risk. However, data quality is not an insurmountable challenge.

Preparing and Performing a Technical Account Review

Do you know who has access to your technical accounts?

How will DORA affect your company regarding user access?

This European law establishes a framework to strengthen the resilience of financial institutions.

Automate your user access reviews

Forget manual processes and take back control of your access rights quickly and easily with Brainwave Identity Analytics

EBA / EIOPA Access Right Compliance: What Is It All About?

Delve into the reasons for performing user access reviews to adhere to the EBA/EIOPA guidelines for the banking and insurance industries.

User access reviews in less than 30 minutes: Is it even possible?

Impossible, you say? Surprise yourself and optimize your efforts with Brainwave GRC.

Periodic or Continuous User Access Reviews: Two Strategies

We share with you the differences between the periodic and continuous user access review and how one or both together can be beneficial.

Make Your User Access Reviews More Efficient with Brainwave GRC

Planning to automate your user access reviews? Find out how easy it can be with Brainwave GRC!


User Access Review

User Access Review

User Access Review and Certification’s Added Value for Organizations


User Access Reviews

In this document, we share our 10 years of experience in the field of automated user access review so you can calmly and confidently tackle your own more effectively and with the best possible results.

User Access Review with Brainwave Identity Analytics

How can you execute your user access reviews in a timely manner while at the same time being certain that they are compliant? What does it take for you to respond quickly to auditors? Discover Brainwave Identity Analytics, the only solution on the market that specializes in periodic user access reviews.

The Ten Best Practices for User Access Reviews

Are you preparing to launch your user access review campaign? Discover the ten best practices to optimize the operation, reduce your efforts and achieve compliance.

Customer Testimonials

Access Review Automation: Feedback from ADP

Pierre Dumas, Director of IS and Compliance, shares with us his advice on optimizing user access reviews based on ADP's experience.

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