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Brainwave GRC rejoint le groupe Radiant Logic

User Access Review
Save time and cut costs.

Enjoy greater flexibility when setting up your campaigns, no matter the strategy you choose:

– periodic certification of delta changes including automatic suggestions, and
– micro-certification of privileged access, sensitive accounts, control gaps, and the like.

Take advantage of intuitive interfaces, plan your reviews and easily monitor each step:
– quickly see who can access what, and
– make rapid decisions by knowing the organizational and technical context.

User Access Reviews:
Change your Approach with Brainwave GRC


Data consolidation

Load all available user information from your inventory, no matter the source. This can include Active Directory, PAM, IAM, HR data and business applications.


Data correlation and analysis

Enjoy 360-degree visibility and maximize your analytic capabilities for every identity within the company’s information systems.


Execution of the user access review

Configure and plan your review to ensure that the right permissions are given to the right people at the right time and for the right reasons.


Triggering of corrective actions

Are there any gaps? Fix them quickly by automating the transfer of the suggested corrective actions to your company’s ITSM.

Automate your user access reviews with Brainwave Identity Analytics !

The user access review is a key control function and an essential component of any identity and access management strategy.

The consistent and thorough execution of a user access review project is necessary to safeguard your systems and infrastructure and to adhere to your organization’s security and compliance policies.

Optimize your user access reviews with Brainwave Identity Analytics for better efficiency, security and compliance.

Simplify the execution of your access rights reviews

Configure and manage your campaigns, fine tune your analysis and involve your business teams in just a few clicks.

automate your user access reviews
Meet IT audit recommendations

Prove the compliance of your access rights with minimal effort.

Do you aim to meet ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISAE 3402, SOC 1/2, SOX, CMMC, HiTrust, HIPAA, CRBF or Solvency requirements? Verify your checklists, automate the management of control gaps and provide time-stamped and signed recertification reports to your auditors once the review campaign is complete.

Automate your access rights reviews

Streamline the user access review process

Easily oversee your campaigns with help from features such as notifications, reminders, reassignment of entries, delegation and compliance reporting. Capture accurate metrics to efficiently monitor every step of your user access review process.

Control your privileged accounts

Control who has access to what

Maintain the perfect alignment between theory and practice. Make sure that your IAM system protects user access rights and get the right people involved in the review process to ensure compliance with least-privilege and need-to-know principles.

Improve your Identity Governance and Administration program

Get your teams involved in the process.

Whether their function be application manager, asset manager or department manager, all business team members will benefit from an enhanced review experience using an interface tailored to their job profile. Data interpretation is made easier, and the exercise becomes more enjoyable!

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