Respond to

your auditor’s requests

Be ready for your IT audits and easily apply recommendations related to access rights.

Automated IT General Controls (ITGCs) for logical access continuously detect anomalies in your company’s data, applications and infrastructure. The risk reduction and compliance goals associated with access rights are now more than ever within reach. Want to take the next step?

Take an automated and proactive approach to continuous monitoring.


Consolidate and correlate your data.

Whatever the source, including Active Directory, PAM, IAM, HR data, and business applications, correlate all the information you have and reconstruct the access rights chain.


Control your access rights.

Continuously detect compliance deviations from general regulatory requirements (ISO 27000, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, SOC2, etc.) with over 150 automatically executed checkpoints.


Demonstrate compliance of your access rights.

Proactively correct gaps detected by continuous monitoring. Set up automated access rights and deviation reviews. Maintain proof of control, remediation and compensatory controls to demonstrate compliance in future audits.


Share the progress of your performed controls.

Build dashboards and reports to effectively communicate with asset owners, safety managers and auditors. Provide evidence of progress.

Prove to auditors that access rights are under control.

Get access to ready-to-use dashboards, provide auditors with compliance reports and easily answer their questions.
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Meet IT audit recommendations

Take advantage of an agnostic model.

The flexibility of the Brainwave GRC data model makes it possible to analyze any type of system or application based on simple extractions. Its power offers the ability to analyze access rights in great detail.
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Determine who has access to what.

Correlate data and show chains of responsibility to verify that the access that has been granted is legitimate. Identify and document technical and service accounts while limiting the presence of orphaned accounts.

Control your privileged accounts

Rely on predefined controls.

Automatically run more than 150 checkpoints, including detection of orphaned accounts, accesses that have not been reviewed for more than a year, accounts that need to be deactivated due to people leaving and user accounts with too many access rights, etc.

Improve your Identity Governance and Administration program

Respond effectively to auditors.

Get continuous reporting capabilities and share them with resource, department and cross-functional managers. Involve them in review campaigns. Once completed, quickly and easily transmit all the necessary evidence to your auditors.

Be prepared to respond quickly to auditors.

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