Brainwave GRC Joins The Radiant Logic Group.
Brainwave GRC rejoint le groupe Radiant Logic

Accelerate Any IAM Initiative with Radiant Logic

Identity sprawl is a reality for modern enterprises. Growth through M&A, a rapid shift to remote work, and cloud initiatives have only made it worse.

Radiant Logic, the enterprise Identity Data Fabric company, helps organizations combat complexity and improve security by making identity data easy to use, manage, and protect. The RadiantOne Identity Data Platform transforms identity data from on-prem and cloud environments into a flexible, reusable, on-demand resource helping organizations improve operational efficiency, cut operating costs and reduce security breaches and audit risks.

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Speed and Enhance IAM and IGA Deployments

  • Enable next-gen IAM
  • Jumpstart stalled projects

Merge, Integrate or Divest Organizations

  • Perfect Day One access
  • Integration Cost containment

Implement Identity-First Security

  • Accelerate Zero Trust projects
  • Build a least privileged access approach

Move to Cloud Or Multi-Cloud

  • Implement a hybrid environment
  • Maintain multi-cloud system

Improve Customer Experience

  • Enable digital transformation
  • Meet privacy regulations

Modernize Directory Infrastructure

  • Cut technical debt
  • Decommission EOL technology

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