SoD Controls

Identify Internal Fraud Risk

Apply your SoD (Segregation of Duties) matrices to your critical applications and automatically identify gaps in business profiles and users.

Correct SoD problems with a risk-based approach to fraud and a thorough analysis of the root causes. Want to find out how?

Implement accurate SoD controls with Brainwave GRC’s approach


Map identities and their access rights.

Identify who can access what and check that the access is legitimate with regards to the user’s job responsibilities. Trace back the chain of access rights and focus on the critical applications affected by SoD.


Get clean.

Identify which user contributes to which business activity. Load SoD matrices defining incompatible activities in order to identify and address discrepancies at both the application profile (core model) level and the user level.


Stay clean.

Control SoD discrepancies on an ongoing basis by following changes in access rights or changes in the application profile model.

Leave no room for discrepancies within SoD.

Deploy a global, agnostic, cross-application approach for all types of ERP platforms, legacy or in-house systems, cloud, etc.

SoD segregation of duties
Meet IT audit recommendations

Use a solution that is immediately operational.

Load your SoD matrices from Excel repositories. Problems are detected directly at the user level as well as at the core model level.

two way analysis icone

Model your business activities.

Use SoD matrices related to audits and business activities and modeled in Brainwave GRC.

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Detect intra- and inter-application gaps.

Implement fine-grained SoD controls within and between applications. List deviations, decide on compensating controls and correct problems by tracking all decisions.

Improve your Identity Governance and Administration program

Apply the best possible corrections.

Analyze and remedy the causes of deviations. With the simulation module, you can evaluate the SoD consequences of changing an application profile or a user’s access.

Ready to automate your SoD controls?