Create relevant business roles and simplify the management of your user access

Very often, IAM solutions manage the granting of access rights through role creation but do not take into consideration that these roles may not be relevant for the business teams..

With Brainwave GRC, use an informed approach to rapidly design roles with no technical requirements and little to no effort.

This will allow you to enhance the security and compliance of all your access rights.

Be successful in your role mining projects using Brainwave GRC’s unique approach.


Preparation and quality control

Load and consolidate the data regarding your user access into Brainwave GRC’s solution where it can be enriched and made comprehensible for the business teams in order to facilitate role design.


The planning of role mining workshops

Highlight business role aggregations and suggestions through role mining workshops conducted using Brainwave GRC’s software solution and methodology.


The review and publishing of created roles

Review the constructed roles and assess the gaps between these theoretically-modeled roles and the actual rights assigned to users.

Design roles that will be useful, usable and utilized.

Get all the tools you need to develop a new approach to role mining.

create relevant business roles
Meet IT audit recommendations

Control who has access to what

Create your roles in accordance with the least-privilege and need-to-know principles.

two way analysis icone

Adopt a new methodology

Set up interactive workshops with the business teams to compare actual access rights and permissions with the organizational context in order to construct relevant business roles.

accompagnement personnalisé icône

Engage your teams and make it easy to create quality roles

Take advantage of intuitive interfaces to engage teams and easily reveal the roles to be created. Once built, use Brainwave GRC’s solution to expand these roles when needed to accommodate technological and organizational changes.

Improve your Identity Governance and Administration program

Take back control of discretionary rights

Get clear visibility and limit the number of residual discretionary permissions.

Want to know more about how to make all your role mining projects successful?

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