Brainwave GRC Joins The Radiant Logic Group.
Brainwave GRC rejoint le groupe Radiant Logic

Add-Ons and Connectors

Discover hundreds of integrations for on-premise, legacy or cloud-based systems and SaaS.

Brainwave Identity Analytics is designed and based on a simple but fundamental principle: only accurate, complete and validated data can allow for the making of sound decisions. By implementing and correlating all data sources present in a company’s information systems, Brainwave ldentity Analytics can immediately provide customized analyses and recommendations with unmatched insight and depth.

Brainwave GRC’s agnostic approach to resources and assets has made us the solution of choice. We connect easily to a company’s databases, repositories, applications and other data sources. We have already hundreds of integrations with on-premise, legacy systems, cloud based and SaaS services. The pre-built connectors in our Marketplace help with the ease of ingestion of a company’s data into Brainwave GRC’s solution which offers organizations the most efficient and cost-effective way of performing user access reviews and the remediation processes which follow.

Pre-built connectors

Below is a sampling of the connectors that Brainwave GRC offers to those who purchase our solution. These standard plug-ins have been requested by our customers, making Brainwave Identity Analytics the best choice for seamless implementation and integration.

Here are the main connectors used by our customers.

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To discover the exhaustive list of all our pre-built connectors, click here.


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Unstructured Data

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IGA / IAM Solutions

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PAM Solutions

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Business Solutions

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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)  and Big Data Storage Solutions

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To discover the exhaustive list of all our pre-built connectors, click here.