Brainwave GRC Joins The Radiant Logic Group.
Brainwave GRC rejoint le groupe Radiant Logic

Who is
Brainwave GRC?

We analyze your user access rights so you can better control them, ensure compliance and protect your assets from fraud and cyber threats.

Brainwave GRC joins the Radiant Logic Group

Get the right information to make the right decision, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Brainwave GRC was born from the realization that Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems are often insufficient in controlling the risks and ensuring the compliance related to user access rights.

The use of a complementary tool used for and referred to as identity analytics is essential in allowing companies to review their access rights in order to secure their infrastructures, applications and associated data.

Created in 2010 by a team of recognized experts in the field of IT security and identity management, Brainwave GRC helps organizations protect their sensitive assets from fraud and cyber risks related to access rights.

In April 2023, Brainwave GRC joined Radiant Logic, the Identity Data Fabric company. Together, the companies share a vision of using the science of identity data to ensure that the right information is available to make the right decision at the right time and for the right reasons. Current and future customers will be able to unleash the power of identity-related data to transform the IT landscape of their organization.

Radiant Logic

The Identity Data Fabric Company

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Radiant Logic provides the cornerstone of complex identity architectures in today’s digital world. With Radiant, it’s fast and easy to put identity data to work, connecting many disparate data sources across legacy and cloud infrastructures in real-time, without disruption.

Their solution creates a solid identity foundation that speeds the success of initiatives, including single sign-on, M&A integrations, identity governance and administration, cloud directory deployments, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, customer identity and access management, and more.

From the Fortune 1000 to government agencies, organizations across the globe rely on Radiant to deliver meaningfully faster time-to-value and unprecedented IT agility, while building a secure, future-proof identity infrastructure that meets real-world business demands.

Brainwave GRC
by the numbers

More than 3 million

governed identities

More than 1 billion

monitored rights

More than 1,000 reviews

per month

More than 20

international partners

Named Cool Vendor in 2013 by Gartner in the “Cool Vendor in Security Identity and Access Management” study, Brainwave GRC is proud to also be cited in “Cool Vendor in UEBA, Fraud Detection and User Authentication” (2016) and “Cool Vendors in Identity-First Security” (2022).
With an overall rating of 4.7 stars from our customers on Gartner Peer Insights, Brainwave GRc has benn recognized in 2021 with the Customer First label.

Our commitment to you

We help you control your access rights.

As specialists in identity analytics for more than ten years, we are the leaders in the review of user access, identity and analysis.

We pay attention to your needs.

Each organization faces problems specific to its sector of activity and operating logic. Our priority is to listen to the needs of each one of our customers, something for which we are recognized quite often.

We share our latest innovations with you.

The regulations and methodologies enforced within companies are constantly evolving. For this reason, our product offering is continuously improved and expanded. The resulting innovations benefit our customers and enable them to address their changing needs.

We provide you with quick results.

Performing user access reviews, identifying sensitive assets, and responding to auditors’ recommendations all require a high level of reactivity. Our rapidly deployable solutions make a significant contribution to this responsiveness.

Brainwave GRC’s Key Events

Brainwave GRC, founding member of Hexatrust

Hexatrust is an association of French SMBs specialized in cybersecurity, cloud and digital trust.

Hexatrust companies are committed to working together to promote and build trust in cloud and cyber excellence. As dynamic companies, they contribute to and export the digital influence of France as well as aim for European and international expansion.