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How will DORA affect your company regarding user access?

This European law establishes a framework to strengthen the resilience of financial institutions.

Identity Analytics: Risk Analysis and Predictive Analytics

It is essential to use analytics and controls to highlight risky situations linked to access data.

Identity Analytics: 100% Compliance with User Access Reviews

Identity Analytics allows your teams more efficiency during user access reviews with completion rates that reach 100%.

Identity Analytics – User Access: Get Clean and Stay Clean to reduce Risk

Leave no more gray areas with Identity Analytics. Control access to all your systems and resources to know who can connect to what and how.

Identity Analytics: Understanding User Access Rights

What is Identity Analytics and why should you take a closer look?

Automate your user access reviews

Forget manual processes and take back control of your access rights quickly and easily with Brainwave Identity Analytics

Ensure Compliance of Your CyberArk Access

Our PAM Booster gives you all the superpowers you need to manage and control who accesses your CyberArk safes.

CyberArk PAM : Give Visibility to Safes Managers!

Learn how to create and deliver custom mash-up dashboards that allow safe managers to easily monitor and control who accesses CyberArk vaults and how.

What If You Didn’t Have IT General Controls?

Dive into these real-life use cases to learn more about the ever-growing need for stringent IT controls.

Take a Deep Dive into Brainwave GRC’s PAM Booster

Enhance your privileged account strategy with an extra layer of vigilence using PAM Booster designed for CyberArk.

Not Getting The Most from Your IAM System?

Does your IAM solution leave you only mildly satisfied? Don't rip and replace it. Add the power of identity analytics with Brainwave GRC.

CyberArk Access Management Tool Enhancements

Discover the hidden power of PAM Booster, Brainwave's companion tool designed specifically for CyberArk PAM.

EBA / EIOPA Access Right Compliance: What Is It All About?

Delve into the reasons for performing user access reviews to adhere to the EBA/EIOPA guidelines for the banking and insurance industries.

User access reviews in less than 30 minutes: Is it even possible?

Impossible, you say? Surprise yourself and optimize your efforts with Brainwave GRC.

Can IAM Be Done without Identity Analytics?

Learn why major market analysts say that IAM projects should never be started without first undergoing a thorough Identity Analytics project.

Access Review Automation: Feedback from ADP

Pierre Dumas, Director of IS and Compliance, shares with us his advice on optimizing user access reviews based on ADP's experience.

Periodic or Continuous User Access Reviews: Two Strategies

We share with you the differences between the periodic and continuous user access review and how one or both together can be beneficial.

Implementing a Role Mining Project: Customer Experience and Feedback from Wavestone

Learn how Wavestone, a key partner, uses our role mining expertise to be successful in their access reviews and recertifications.

Role Mining: How to Implement Your Project?

What are the key steps in building quality roles? Learn about the best practices to use when performing a successful role mining project.

Q&A Role Mining: Everything You Need to Know

Benefit from this live Q&A webinar that sheds light on role mining and modeling.

Make Your User Access Reviews More Efficient with Brainwave GRC

Planning to automate your user access reviews? Find out how easy it can be with Brainwave GRC!