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During our webinars we share best practices and lessons learned during our numerous engagements. If you want to successfully be in control of user access and learn how to leverage the Brainwave Identity GRC software to that purpose, this is the best place!

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Not getting the most from your IAM system?

Does your identity management system leave you only mildly satisfied? No need to rip and replace our current solution.

replay Not getting the most from your IAM system?

CyberArk Access Management Tool Enhancements

Privileged access to a company’s most important resources, such as applications, data and infrastructure, grants authorizations and permissions of a highly sensitive nature. How do you manage this within your own company, and are you as successful at it as you think you are?

Many of you have chosen CyberArk’s Privileged Account Manager to help with this task. However, are you entirely sure that it is being fully optimized? Luckily, Brainwave GRC has answered that question with our PAM Booster as a Service designed for CyberArk. Our customers rallied behind our knowledge in the field of user access analytics and asked us to improve the performance of their CyberArk PAM tool.

eba eiopa

EBA / EIOPA Access Right Compliance: What is it all about?

Are you a European bank, insurance company or pension fund struggling to implement the recommendations of the European Banking Authority (EBA) or the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) regarding access rights compliance?

After an overview of the guidelines issued by EBA and EIOPA, we will share how to :
– closely follow them in preparation for an audit, and
– quickly respond to your auditor’s recommendations.

eba eiopa

Webinar – Can IAM Be Done without Identity Analytics?

IAM without Identity Analytics is like driving without a steering wheel or without headlights at night.

Identity Analytics allows you to map all the resources and applications of the company, to thoroughly analyze who has access to what, to calculate a risk score for each access, and to make recommendations that help with decision-making.



Webinar – Access Review Automation: Feedback from ADP

Access Review Automation at ADP: Carte Blanche to Pierre Dumas.
We bring you the exceptional testimony of Pierre Dumas, IT Security and Compliance Director at ADP, EMEA. Pierre talks about how ADP implemented the access review, how it was optimized, and how the teams were involved.

Webinar Revue des accès automatisée Retour client ADP

Webinar – Periodic or Continuous Access Reviews: 2 Strategies

There are two ways of doing access right reviews. The most common is the periodic review which shows compliance at a specific date in time. However, the continuous review strategy is actually more important from a best practice standpoint because it reduces the risks associated with access information.
To find out more about these two ways of doing access reviews, click on the image.

Webinars revues 2 strategies EN Replay

Webinar – Implementing a Role Mining Project: Customer Experience and Feedback from Wavestone

Wavestone shares its user experience and discuss the implementation of a Brainwave Role Mining project for one of its hospital clients.
Watch this webinar to learn the details of how to gather and clean data, define a project scope, and create role modeling.


Webinar – Role Mining: How to

What are the main stages to follow to build quality roles?
Watch this webinar to discover all best practices and identify the main pitfalls of a Role Mining project.

recording role mining

Webinar – Q&A Role Mining: everything you need to know

The floor is yours! Ask us anything you ever wanted to know about Role Mining: its definition, the stakes, the mechanics and best practices. 

Recording Q&A role mining

Webinar – Make Your User Access Reviews More Efficient with Brainwave

Intuitive, efficient and easy to use: these are a few of the words that our customers use to describe their experience with the Brainwave GRC solution as their choice for performing their automated access reviews.
Do you wonder what the tool looks like, how it works and why it is so popular among our users?
To find out, join our webinar, and we will demonstrate how the tool is used with a variety of customer use cases.

Webinar – User Access Review implementation and benefits

After a short recap on why to automate User Access Revue, discover the best practices used in implementing a User Access Review process in addition to key customer use cases and the advantages they received in using Brainwave’s expertise.

Live Q&A session – User Access Review

After a short introduction on Access Review and what’s at stake, our CEO and CTO answer to all your questions about the benefits and the implementation of a UAR process.

With this webinar, learn all you ever wanted to know about User Access Review automation!

How to implement true Privileged Access Governance

Boost your PAM program to implement true Privileged Access Governance.
Do you know who has access to your resources? Are you aware of all the privileged accounts in your organization? Are your employees involved in your PAM program?

With this webinar, learn how Brainwave gives you 360° visibility of your privileged accounts so you don’t miss a thing!

How to implement IT General Controls

The purpose of ITGCs or IT General Controls is to protect information against unauthorized use, disclosure or modification and against any damage or loss of data.
The implementation of these controls is a regulatory obligation for large companies.

With this webinar, discover how Brainwave iGRC can help you meet these control and compliance requirements.

Deploying a User Access Review initiative

Learn about the organizational and technical considerations to set up a User Access Review (UAR) process: process flow, pitfalls to avoid, implementation strategies, tips for managing change and performance indicators.

Access Review & Remediation pains and solutions

To avoid access review inherent pitfalls as well as ensure compliance to regulations and to your internal company policies, register to discover the best practices for a successful implementation and industrialisation of your reviews with Brainwave Identity GRC.

Active Directory & Identity Governance

Discover what is at stakes regarding Active Directory, the cornerstone of your digital transformation, and how Booster for Active Directory makes it possible to visualize, contextualize, and analyze the risks related to access within all of your Active Directory domains and to produce reports and dashboards designed to improve the situation.

Logical access control for financial systems

Discover how to automate your controls including SoD controls and efficiently ensure your security policy’s implementation in order to easily reduce and manage your fraud and compliance risks.

Identity Governance and unstrucured data

Discover with Booster Data Governance how to start building a full inventory of your unstructured data access, tag shared folders with sensitive and personal data, retrieve the identities in the company that can access to this data, understand the reason why and check the legitimacy of these access.

Internal Control automation & GRC Analysis

Discover how to automate controls with Brainwave GRC, especialy SoD controls and reduce fraud risks from your financial systems.

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