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Mitigate your risks to achieve your digital transformation with the Identity Analytics leader
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How can you continuously ensure your sensitive assets’ security?

Regain control with a 360° visibility over your assets, users, their access rights and behaviors.

Secure your digital transformation –  Continuously ensure your compliance

Monitor abnormal behaviors –  Implement the least privilege principle

Automate your control and audit processes

Identity analytics and governance

Data governance and GDPR

SoD and GRC for financial systems

Active Directory

Discover the new Brainwave GRC for Active Directory SaaS solution – AD booster cloud edition

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Brainwave GRC, a software vendor specialized in Identity Analytics, launches “AD Booster Cloud edition” a SAAS version of its Brainwave Identity GRC...


Brainwave GRC, software vendor specialized in Identity Analytics, launches the 2017 version of its Brainwave Identity GRC solution. A...

Brainwave GRC & Infonex event: Cyber Risk for Financial Institutions

Brainwave GRC presentation at the Cyber Risk for Financial Institutions - Infonex event Toronto, Canada - May 16 & 17   Eric In, VP of Brainwave GRC...

5 reasons why access-related security is key to hybrid ERP transformation

Hybrid ERP: the postmodern transformation for ERPs Postmodern ERPs are the new form of ERP systems, no longer coming only from single-instance...

Brainwave sponsors WhiteHall Media’s IDM Conference 2017 London

Brainwave sponsors WhiteHall Media IDM Conference 2017 London   Attend Whitehall Media's 15th Identity & Access Management event taking place at the...

Brainwave GRC & ISACA Montreal: how can technologies enable continuous audit and control?

Brainwave GRC and ISACA Montreal conference How can technologies enable continuous audit and control?  From 11:30 am to 01:00pm - Thursday 13th of...

Brainwave GRC at the IS days: the 6th edition’s recap

BRAINWAVE GRC WAS AT THE INFORMATION SECURITY DAYS EVENT – IS DAYS 2017 28th and 29th of March   IS days is a two-day event in Luxembourg gathering...

Learn how to master your access certification with Paradigmo and Brainwave GRC

Access certification learn the basics and keys to success in 45 minutes -  Thursday 27th of April 2017 from 11:00 am to 11:45 am What are the pain...

Brainwave GRC at IDM Europe 2017 in Amsterdam

Brainwave GRC was a the Identity Management White Hall media event - IDM Europe 2017 - on the 8th of March in Amsterdam!   IDM Europe is Europe's...

Controls automation: auditors and internal control’s key to success?

Why and how should a company automate controls? The reasons to automate controls processes will logically depend on the company's context and...
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