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User Access Review (and some)

Make your digital transformation a success and secure your transition to the Cloud with Brainwave GRC. Remain in control with a holistic view of who has access to what, how and why.


Less effort, better results

Improve compliance and user satisfaction with Access Governance solutions built by and for the business.

Identity Analytics

Build a holistic inventory of access across all resources on premise or in the Cloud. Make the most of your IGA investment with advanced Identity Governance and Identity Analytics, data visualization and ML-enabled controls. You can even control identities you don’t manage.


Data Governance

Enable the Business to review and make decisions about access to shared files & folders. Inventorize, classify, review access and demonstrate compliance regardless of the location: file servers, NAS, Sharepoint, Office 365…

User Access Reviews

 The epitome of Brainwave GRC’s savoir-faire. Review anything, by anyone, with full traceability and accountability. Be smarter and more productive with automation. Be more collaborative with delegation and sourced contributions. Be more efficient with closed-loop remediation.

Logical Access Controls

Be proactive, move from a tedious audit posture to a virtuous continuous control approach. Automate ITGC and Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls and get a taste of continuous compliance.

Brainwave GRC in 2 Minutes

We are the champions of User Access Reviews, Access Governance and Identity Analytics. Learn why in two minutes.

Privileged Access: the keys to the realm

Privileged Access to sensitive technical resources (Administrator or ‘root’ access, access to production systems…) generally entails the highest level of authorizations and is a target of choice to attackers.

However, organizations often have to make do with employee turnover, outsourcing of system administration and heterogeneous technologies. Learn how Brainwave GRC can augment your PAM capabilities and help you improve governance around Privileged Access.

Logical Access Facts

Did you know that poor management of Logical Access is a key enabling factor in a majority of recent breaches? Improving access governance also creates opportunities to improve compliance, build a competitive advantage and successfully execute your digital transformation.


Top 4 IT Audit Findings in the Finance Industry

  1. Excessive user access rights
  2. Excessive developers’ access to production systems and data
  3. Removal of access following a transfer or termination
  4. Lack of sufficient segregation of duties


of organizations are not confident that user access practices are compliant with policies.

  • Can’t keep up with changes
  • Can’t apply controls spanning across information resources
  • Can’t create a unified view of user access across the organization
  • Have only visibility into account information, not entitlement information


Ex-employees retain access to their former employer's software applications for more than 3 months.


were shown to have logged into a company account after no longer working there.


Weak controls are a factor in 61% of frauds

Efficient controls and sustainable compliance: Brainwave GRC delivers.

Knowing, at any time, who has access to what and what are the risks doesn’t have to be hard. Brainwave GRC helps you achieve Logical Access Compliance and improve your security status with less effort and better results.

Reduced technology footprint & implementation effort

Brainwave GRC offers a lightweight data integration approach, minimizing the time-to-value and maintenance costs. The product can operate isolated from audited resources, on premise or in the Cloud. Dozens of pre-canned add-ons are readily available for standard datasources.

Holistic approach: any user, any digital resource, anywhere

With Brainwave GRC, you can review access to any type of resource even if you don’t manage it: legacy systems, bespoke business applications, ERP, Cloud apps… Our agnostic technology has been designed to rapidly and elegantly ingest and analyze access data from any datasource, in any format, and instantly deliver insight.

Be in control, review anything and demonstrate holistic Logical Access Compliance.

Extensible platform

With our catalog of add-ons and modules, you can extend your control and analysis capabilities for specific systems. Perform a granular analysis of PeopleSoft or SAP access, role model and segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts; build a comprehensive view of who-can-manage-what on your Active Directory domains; instantly list all *Drive files shared with external guests or publicly accessible from the Internet… The possibilities are endless.

Advanced Analytics

Brainwave GRC’s analytical capabilities stand far ahead of competition. They provide an insight into your data as you would never have imagined: now you can understand who has access to sensitive data or systems, how and why, what are the risks and what is the mitigation.

"Brainwave has been a quality vendor since coming into awareness of their solution and all throughout the POC, integration and support of the solution."

Chief Security Officer EMEA&APAC
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