Control your privileged accounts!

 Privileged accounts are everywhere, scattered throughout an organization’s infrastructure, either locally or in the cloud. And there are so many of them! Because they are a prime target, using a PAM solution to protect them is crucial.

However, this is not always enough. Do you know who uses what accounts? Have you identified all the privileged accounts in your organization? Are you sure that the principle of least privilege is respected? Have you managed to automate reviews of your privileged accounts?
Whether or not you have a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, use Identity Analytics to achieve true privileged account governance.

Implement privileged account governance  
with Brainwave GRC.


Locate all your privileged accounts

With Brainwave GRC’s data correlation strategies, you can identify named and technical accounts and categorize privileged accounts in a matter of minutes.


Improve the quality of your data

Let Brainwave GRC help you clean up and document your various repositories, including Active Directory, LDAP, dormant and orphaned accounts, accounts with named privileges and unused accesses.


Ensure compliance

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks. Identify and analyze every control failure and gap detected by Brainwave GRC and automate the user access review related to privileged accounts.

Privileged accounts: Take back control.

Improve the security of your most sensitive assets with the power of Identity Analytics.

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Meet IT audit recommendations

Map all your privileged accounts

Pinpoint technical accounts in your infrastructure, applications and cloud services. Automatically detect unwanted changes and prevent drift.

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Control the access chains to privileged accounts

Take a comprehensive inventory of access to your privileged accounts and align the identity lifecycle with it. Correlating HR information and granted access rights with identities ensures that the principles of least privilege and need-to-know are met.

Control your privileged accounts

Maintain compliance

Comply with your company’s regulatory requirements by automating controls and review campaigns for privileged accounts.

Improve your Identity Governance and Administration program

Share information

Take advantage of reporting capabilities and the ability to share key performance indicators to drive the PAM program and provide visibility to resource owners.

Ready to take charge of your privileged accounts?

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