Map identities and their access rights.

Identify who can access what and ensure that the access rights granted are legitimate with regards to an employee’s job responsibilities.

Access chains are reconstructed. Discover how access rights are granted by linking identities, user accounts, roles/profiles/groups, permissions/rights and applications/data/systems.

This can be done by automatically correlating all the data related to access rights, including HR data, to your information systems, regardless of its source (repository, application) and location (in the cloud or on-premises).

Taking into account the mapping of identity and access rights, be sure that the three fundamental elements of access rights security are respected, which are the least-privilege and need-to-know principles as well as the separation of duties (SoD).

Take back control of your access chains
with Brainwave GRC’s approach.


Identify all of the accounts and access rights present in your systems.

With our no-code platform, simplify the ingestion of access data, regardless of its origin or the underlying systems or application technology (Active Directory, human resources, ERP, SaaS, specific applications, etc.).


Correlate and analyze the data.

Obtain 360-degree visibility into all users with access to the company’s assets using the automatic correlation of identities, accounts and permissions. Track access chains to understand who has access to what — and why.


Make sure your data is consistent and accurate.

Are your critical permissions well documented? Are employees assigned to the right teams? Improve the quality of your data prior to performing reviews and access rights controls.


Run review campaigns.

Set up and plan your review to ensure that the right permissions are given to the right people for the right reasons.


Make audits easier

Investigate and respond to your auditors quickly and accurately.

Control your access rights

Through the mapping of identity and access rights, shine a light into all the recesses of your IS to ensure that the right people have the right permissions.

map identities and access

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Show chains of responsibility.

Identify who can access what, verify that the accesses are legitimate in relation to their scope of responsibility and trace back the access chain to uncover the assignment of access rights.

Automate your access rights reviews

Build a comprehensive identity and access repository.

Enrich the data to translate technical details into understandable and actionable information. Document personal accounts and their access as well as technical or privileged accounts. Define and classify application permissions, rights and sensitive groups.

Automate your access rights reviews

Take advantage of an agnostic model.

The flexibility of the Brainwave GRC data model allows you to handle all types of authorizations. At the same time, its power gives you the ability to analyze access rights in great detail.

Control your privileged accounts

Keep track of the history.

Investigate and perform forensic analysis to ensure the legitimacy and compliance of accesses granted over time. This will help to gain a better understanding of date-specific permissions.

Want to take back control of all your accesses?

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Can you run an IAM project without Identity Analytics?

Access mapping is a prerequisite for a successful access management project.


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Maximize your IAM investment with Identity Analytics.

If your IAM system does not allow you to map all the access rights of your IS, find the solution with Brainwave GRC.


Identity Analytics is at the heart of any cybersecurity strategy.

It is essential to implementing a control cycle and continuous access monitoring to reduce the security risks that your IS has to face.