Controls and Compliance:

Accelerate Your IAM System


An Identity and Access Management (IAM) system is designed to manage access rights. However, it can often be limited when it comes to ensuring the conformity of these access rights with regards to the information system or to implementing controls such as ITGCs and user access reviews.

Whether you are the user of an IAM tool or about to launch a project, push the limits by using Identity Analytics as a companion solution. Its power will help you to fully control your access rights and effortlessly achieve compliance.

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No matter how far along you are in your IAM project, explore the advantages and potential of Identity Analytics.

You have launched your IAM project.

  • Take an inventory of individuals and their access rights.
  • Deal with data quality issues up front.
  • Prepare a role model.
  • Engage the business teams in the transformation.
  • Quickly respond to auditors’ requests.

You have a legacy IAM system.

  • Extend the life of your IAM system by addressing its shortcomings.
  • Deploy user access review campaigns.
  • Automate general IT controls.  
  • Enhance the modeling of your business roles.
  • Create dashboards and benefit from out-of-the-box reporting features.

You have just implemented your IAM system.

  • Improve the onboarding process for new applications.
  • Deploy more efficient and relevant reviews.
  • Build or improve the modeling of your business roles.
  • Control the gaps between the rights requested in the IAM and the actual rights.
  • Gain extended visibility to drive your IAM system.

Fully control your access rights with Identity Analytics

Enhance your IAM system or manage your IAM project with confidence and establish true governance of access rights.

enhance your iam
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Get comprehensive mapping of identities and accesses at your fingertips

Find out who has access to what, ensure that users only have the necessary permissions to do their job, and continuously monitor the suitability of these permissions over the course of the user’s tenure (internal transfer, project transition, departure, etc.).

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Role mining

Simplify the management of your access rights by implementing the modeling of business-specific roles. Embrace Brainwave GRC’s unique methodology, easily motivate and engage your teams and achieve success in your role mining projects.

Control your privileged accounts

Ensure data quality and compliance

Detect discrepancies between the rights requested in the IAM and the rights that the user actually has been assigned. Identify and correct data quality issues within your repositories (IAM, HR). Implement access rights and role reviews on a large perimeter.

Improve your Identity Governance and Administration program

Auditing and reporting

Communication and management are key to the success of your IAM project. Take advantage of reporting features that allow you to monitor and share the progress of the project on an ongoing basis.

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How do IAM solutions adapt to a company’s constantly evolving requirements?

Identity and Access Management systems need to constantly evolve and adapt to cybersecurity threats targeting identities and logical access rights.


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Get the most out of your IAM investment with Identity Analytics.

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Identity Analytics is at the forefront of any cybersecurity strategy.

Implementing a continuous access control and monitoring program is essential in reducing the security risks that threaten your information systems.