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Can An IAM Project Be Done Without Identity Analytics?

Can An IAM Project Be Done Without Identity Analytics?

Almost two years ago, Gartner made an observation about Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects, saying that the deployment of more than half of them posed problems and was subject to major execution difficulties. Two years later, this assessment is still...

Identity Analytics Is At The Heart Of A Cybersecurity Strategy

Identity Analytics Is At The Heart Of A Cybersecurity Strategy

We live in a world where all users, whether employees, providers, sub-contractors, partners or customers, have become intense consumers of data and IT services. Additionally, with the new work-from-home phenomenon, it has become impossible to control the workspace or...

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Not Getting The Most from Your IAM System?

Does your IAM solution leave you only mildly satisfied? Don't rip and replace it. Add the power of identity analytics with Brainwave GRC.

Can IAM Be Done without Identity Analytics?

Learn why major market analysts say that IAM projects should never be started without first undergoing a thorough Identity Analytics project.

Role Mining: How to Implement Your Project?

What are the key steps in building quality roles? Learn about the best practices to use when performing a successful role mining project.

Q&A Role Mining: Everything You Need to Know

Benefit from this live Q&A webinar that sheds light on role mining and modeling.


Role Mining

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Brainwave Identity Analytics

With Brainwave Identity Analytics, shed light into the dark corners of your information system and take back control of your user access and permissions in the blink of an eye.

Role Mining

With Role Mining, Brainwave GRC’s experts and partners provide assistance and support throughout the life cycle of any role mining program.

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Implementing a Role Mining Project: Customer Experience and Feedback from Wavestone

Learn how Wavestone, a key partner, uses our role mining expertise to be successful in their access reviews and recertifications.

EMEA&APAC Linedata – Jean-Baptiste Brochard

Discover the testimonial of Jean-Baptiste Brochard, Head of Information Security, EMEA&APAC - at Linedata, the gains for Linedata after the ITGCs' automation and access review dashboards implementation with Brainwave GRC.

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