Brainwave GRC Joins The Radiant Logic Group.
Brainwave GRC rejoint le groupe Radiant Logic

Brainwave GRC
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Brainwave GRC is not only about technology but also an adventure in human collaboration.

Our Mindset

A collective Intelligence
Since its inception in 2010, Brainwave GRC has put people at the heart of their business. Our collective energy is our strength, and the trust we place in each other is a allows for the magic to happen.

Each and every day, our collaborators, customers and partners are the ones who make Brainwave GRC evolve and grow.

brainstorming équipe
réunion équipe
Common Objectives for All
Each employee is a reflection of the group and contributes to the company’s progress through his or her background, skills and personality which are as varied as they are inspiring and complementary.

Each challenge taken up by our teams refines our work methodologies and our ways of collaborating. Each customer need is an opportunity to improve our products and solutions. Each relationship we build with a partner is a new adventure.

Going abroad is possible with Brainwave GRC.
We are located in three key markets, including France, the United States, and Canada and would welcome you in one of our offices. Whether for an internship or for the long term, our teams are ready to collaborate with you on any shore.
FIC Montréal

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I particularly appreciate the fact that I work in constant collaboration with all the teams. Teamwork and team spirit are key values at Brainwave GRC. The types of projects that I work on are varied: I never get bored!
Amélie Manente
QA Support Engineer
I joined Brainwave GRC as a Pre-Sales Consultant and am currently a Product Marketing Manager. My responsibilities have evolved quite a bit over time. I am happy to work in a dynamic, versatile and innovative team within a structure that allows for effective collaboration on a human scale.
Damien Besson
Product Manager
What is the best thing about Brainwave GRC? For me, it is the ability of the management teams to create a close relationship with each one of us. Having a manager who accessible, available and willing to listen is fundamental.
Souzy Halem
Professional Services Consultant

Brainwave GRC
By The Numbers


all working together on a common goal.


in France, the US and Canada.


training hours on average in 2021 and 2022.


hired in 2022.

Join Us!

Possibility of working remotely.

Whether is it to improve productivity or efficiency or to simplify the work-life balance by reducing your drive time, we offer the possibility of working remotely several days per week.

Healthcare contributions.

Talk to us about how Brainwave GRC supports its employees and their families with contributions to their healthcare plan.

Convenient location.

Our main office is located in Asnières-sur-Seine, just 15 minutes from the St. Lazare train station. Choose the transportation method that works for you, including trains, subways or bicycles.

Accessible managers.

Brainwave GRC managers support their employees with regular team meetings, coaching and training and annual performance reviews.

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