Brainwave Identity GRC – Core

Our core product, Brainwave Identity GRC, provides a wealth of analytical capabilities to leverage the inventory of all access.

This way you can implement holistic controls across all your sensitive assets.

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Holistic Access Inventory

Obtain full visibility at all time, on all resources. Brainwave’s inventory constitutes an entitlement catalog across infrastructure, business applications and data access. Its time-based data model allows browsing back in time and detect changes to objects or to relationships.

Data Extraction & Ingestion

Without any intrusive connector, data are periodically extracted and ingested in Brainwave  in order for you to benefit from an up-to-date, comprehensive and global visibility of your system with your users’ access rights.

User Inventory

With Brainwave GRC, create an inventory of all users and all access to any resource, on premise and in the cloud.

Thanks to our unique Data Model, you can list all internal and external users, their responsabilities, their job positions but also their access rights in a consistent, holistic fashion.

Access Rights Inventory

The solution enables you to conduct an inventory of all access to your organization’s resources. Without this inventory, the organization is exposed to security vulnerabilities often significant.
Brainwave GRC orchestrates, facilitates and automates the inventory process while suppressing the usual technical and organizational obstacles.

The most powerful Identity Analytics engine

Controls & Analytics

Brainwave boasts a large variety of analytical features to automate all control needs: IT security, compliance, data quality…

Coupled with advanced reporting and visualization capabilities, it puts the control results back in the hand of decision makers, without requiring technical knowledge of the systems being analyzed.

Automated Control Plans

Brainwave Identity GRC ensures the automation of your repetitive control tasks, the management of manual reviews, the exceptions follow-up as well as corrective tasks for detected anomalies.
Internal control can then focus on tasks with added-value all the while being much more autonomous regarding IT.

Efficient SoD Controls

Brainwave GRC enables internal control teams to automate Segregation of Duties (SoD) controls prepared by business experts across business applications. By automating controls and defining workflows for discrepancies reviews as well as exceptions management.
Brainwave GRC also enables organizations to implement business process-level transversal checks.

Customizable and Automated Reports

Brainwave GRC provides a reporting engine which includes hundreds of customizable standard reports, adaptable to any internal control team’s needs (compliance reports, control plans execution reports, etc).
Control results can be readily made available in any format, sent with notification emails or presented as dynamic dashboards.

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