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designed for CyberArk

Get the most from your CyberArk implementation

Speed up deployment, streamline operations, and maintain compliance with your CyberArk solution.

Privileged Governance Services Dashboards

Are all the privileged accounts within the organization detected?

How are risks linked to privileged accesses controlled?

Can the scope of the PAM solution be extended?

They trust us

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IT Compliance Director in the Services Industry

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IAM Manager in the Transportation Industry

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Sr. Director, Identity and Access Manager in the Education Industry

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Director Products Security in the Retail Industry


Remove the gray areas

Identify all the privileged accounts and track associated changes, whether they are managed by the PAM solution or not.


Optimize security

Prioritize the on-boarding of the most sensitive privileged accounts into the CyberArk PAM.


Identify the Risk and Impact

Assess the sensitivity of exposed resources and detect risky areas and their impact on business processes.

A Package of Ready-to-Use Features

Privileged Governance Services: The essential companion for the CyberArk PAM solution. 

Etendez le périmètre géré par le PAM
Etendez le périmètre géré par le PAM

Extend the scope managed by the PAM solution

Identify and document all privileged accounts including those not yet managed by the PAM solution.

Map end-to-end access while taking advantage of the Identity context.

Accélérez le programme PAM

Accelerate the PAM program

Establish the scope of the accounts to be on-boarded into the PAM solution.

Prioritize and plan the scope on-boarding into CyberArk based on the effort/risk ratio.

Accélérez le programme PAM
Accélérez le programme PAM
Accélérez le programme PAM

Control quality and risk

Monitor the quality and risk linked to Active Directory.

Detect risks related to privileged access, visualize their evolution and anticipate their impact on the company’s processes. 

Communiquez sur le PAM

Communicate about the PAM solution

Get out-of-the-box reports and KPIs at any time to share information about securing privileged accounts in the PAM.

Easily demonstrate compliance and save time when answering auditors’ questions.

Communiquez sur la maîtrise des accès