Role Mining

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Demonstration Brainwave
Demonstration Brainwave

A Specialized Methodology

Role Mining is the result of Brainwave GRC’s ten years of experience on the subject.  Our proven methodology is based on innovative technology which is accessible in SaaS mode.

Our experts and partners rely on this methodology to design useful, effective roles for you and your business, starting with the project management framework and culminating in workshops with your business teams.

Two-Way Analysis

Our innovative approach yields relevant results

Our predominantly top-down approach is fueled by permission accuracy and has as its objective to create roles that make sense to the business teams. This strategy has proven to be effective in building quality roles for business lines as well as cross-functional roles within the organization.

Two-Way analysis

Innovative Features

RoleFinder Intelligence

Reveal your roles in just one click

Role Mining suggests roles using an intuitive graphic representation based on our logical and effective algorithms.

Role Mining Advisor

A virtual guide who accompanies you

The Role Mining Advisor allows you to expertly and calmly progress through your project. The Advisor provides advice and highlights risk at each step of the way in order to ensure its success.

Data Quality Manager

Use the service to improve the quality of your data

The project leader can correct any data errors directly in the tool, including manager information and permission descriptions.


Take advantage of our cloud service to facilitate your implementation. Accessible anywhere in just a few clicks, the configuration is reduced to the strict minimum necessary for success.

Mining Progress Technology

Efficiently navigate the whole role modeling process with indicators that monitor its progress, organization by organization.

Experience Role Mining

Find the main features and innovations of Role Mining as a Service.

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“The solution is very visual, efficient and even fun! During the workshops with the business teams, you can immediately see the information that comes up, allowing you to sort through it quickly and identify the major trends”.

— Information Security Officer, Finance Industry

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