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Mutliplication of accounts and repositories: avoid compromising your data

Published the September 28, 2016

Retaining control over your accounts is now crucial to ensure your data’s security and compliance

With the spread of digital technology projects in your company, the number of repositories and applications are increasing more and more. This results in an often very high number of accounts and groups, difficult to govern for security and compliance requirements.

In this context, it is important to keep in mind that accounts repositories play a central role for your company and provide the access to your sensitive assets. In consequence, the key point is to implement efficient audit processes to check that your security policies are well implemented, through strong enough control plans for instance.

But this is only a start. Repositories owners need to check and approve the status of the different accounts that are in their responsabilities’ realm. Are there any acccounts to disable, remove or modify?

Due to the volume of data that organization deal with and the constant evolution of these repositories, the important question now is: how can we implement an efficient account review campaign?

Implementing strong enough account review campaigns

Brainwave GRC provides an add-on enabling organizations to orchestrate accounts reviews per repository. This add-on is available on the Marketplace platform.

This add-on enables you to limit the account reviews to accounts which aren’t in compliance security rules. In consequence, significant time is saved during the review process, all the while saving your account from being compromised. During the account review process, technical and business owners automatically receive email notifications and are able to highlight easily accounts that need to be disabled, removed or modified. This Brainwave GRC add-on provides a decision making aid, such as contextual and HR details regarding the account owner (job title, organization, departure date, etc.)

With this add-on, it is also possible to interface review results with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow in order to automate the remediation tasks. The ServiceNow add-on is also available on the Brainwave GRC Marketplace platform.