Your Summer Love Story with Brainwave GRC

Would you like to increase the value of your recurring services?

Is going it alone not working for you? If so, then now is the time to swipe right and choose Brainwave GRC!

Enter into a fruitful and long-lasting partnership with an experienced leader in Identity Analytics whose solutions are highly rated by key market players. With Brainwave GRC, develop the value of your consulting projects and recurring services for all types of use cases, including access rights review, role mining, privileged access governance and SoD.

Chapter 1

Are You Looking for A Partner? Swipe Right to Choose Brainwave GRC!


Looking for the perfect partner?

You came across Brainwave GRC’s profile and your heart skipped a beat!  Access rights review, role mining, privileged account governance and SOD appeal to you and immediately attract you to Brainwave GRC’s unique offering.

Let us entice you with our potential to increase the value of your recurring services and consulting projects.

Chapter 2

It’s a Match!

You’re a match with Brainwave GRC!

Let’s take advantage of our mutual interest to share our common endeavors and satisfy our customers:

  • Solve their cybersecurity issues.
  • Ensure strict compliance with the regulations and mandates that they face (SOX, IS27001, etc.).
  • Save both you and them time and money by automating tasks.
  • Provide them with tools to detect and better understand their access rights in order to limit risk.

 Partner with Brainwave GRC and let the magic of the perfect match inspire you.✨


Chapter 3

Our First Date


For this first date, let’s bring out the big guns!

With ten years of experience in access right analysis, Brainwave GRC has already conquered the hearts of world-renowned organizations and garnered solid international references.

Our expertise and ability to satisfy our customers is no longer in question! The Gartner Peer Insights reviews bear witness to this: 92% of our customers would recommend us today.

As you can see, Brainwave GRC has more than one asset up its sleeve to seduce you.  Are you ready to begin a new love story? 🥰

Chapter 4

It’s never just a fling with Brainwave GRC

Say goodbye to love affairs and prepare for a solid future together. Let’s unite our strengths and aim for growth as we conquer the market!

Don’t be ghosted. Choose Brainwave because we value commitment and loyalty and make them the key part of our relationship with partners and customers alike.

Still in doubt? Check out Gartner Peer Insights where our customers give us a 4.6/5 rating, confirming our dedication to being there for them, always, whenever they need us. And we’ll do the same for you.

Lovestory Chapter 4

Chapter 5

A summer love can last a lifetime


Whether you are an integrator, a distributor or a consultant, Brainwave GRC keeps its promises and is committed to captivating you by offering: 

  •  Innovative technology that is continually being improved.
  •  Additional opportunities for increasing recurring revenue.
  • Support and assistance for each of your projects.

Let’s take the plunge and make the commitment to a future together. Our love story is made to last. 🌈

Chapter 6

Let’s take the next step.

Let’s take the first step together!
The potential of our Partner Program and its associated services will enable us to define the terms of our mutual commitment and give us the means to grow our respective businesses, together.  

Let’s move forward hand in hand with luck on our side by sharing a common adventure that makes both of us stronger. 💪

Partner Love Summer Story

Chapter 7

Baby makes three.

Partner Love Story 7

There is no doubt that our union is bound to bear fruit. 🐣
WIth Brainwave’s services and offers:

  • Be competitive and attract more customers.
  • Add value to all of your projects (IGA, PAM, etc.)
  • Gain efficiency in your consultancies by providing in-depth analysis and improving the quality of your clients’ results.
  • Create new service models.

Without a doubt, your customers’ satisfaction can only improve and multiply your business opportunities!

Chapter 8

We are family!

Let’s build the family ties we’ve always dreamed of by implementing together a Go-to-Market strategy! 

With tips, advice, and business presentations, let’s pool our strengths and build the foundations of a solid relationship that will flourish over time.

Partner Love Summer Story

Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Take the first step and join our webinar where you will learn about all the benefits and advantages of a partnership with
Brainwave GRC. Choose your webinar session:

Sept. 16, 2021
11:30 am EST /  5:30 pm CET

16 Sept. 2021
11:00 am CET

To learn more before the webinar, access our Partner Page here.