PAM Booster as a Service

Designed for cyberark

Get the best from your CyberARK PAM !

Streamline the administration and control of access rights and gain visibility into the configuration of your CyberArk PAM system.

Brainwave GRC: A Member of the C³ Alliance Partner Program

With PAM Booster

Check privileged accesses in one click

Automate the review of CyberArk access rights and identify control flaws

Manage the implementation of security features such as CPM

Save time with ready-to-use dashboards and analytics

Optimize the management of your CyberArk license

Ensure that CyberArk is being used to its fullest potential and improve license utilization

Detect changes to the configuration of your CyberArk PAM

Maintain the highest quality of your CyberArk configuration, taking into account the identity lifecycle

Automate continuous access control for privileged accounts

Ensure regulatory compliance (ISO27001, PCIDSS, SoX, etc.) by automating the CyberArk access control plan
Reduce risk linked to CyberArk access.. Vos sous-traitants utilisent CyberArk ? Do your contractors use CyberArk? Those who access credentials without CPM are systematically detected.

Detect unusual changes in the CyberArk configuration

Immediately uncover the access chain of your privileged accounts and identify the non-IT teams that can administer systems in a production environment.
Avoid drift and maintain a high level of quality regarding your accesses by detecting such things as duplicated credentials, group hierarchies, and empty safes.
Analyze your CyberArk configuration with the innovative “Clue Finder” technology. It alerts you to all unusual situations and suggests the best possible corrective action, saving hours of investigation and significantly reducing your risk.

Simplify day-to-day administration of your CyberArk PAM

Optimize the license usage of the CyberArk Privileged Access Manager license by eliminating dormant and departed users in addition to those who have no access rights.
Give visibility to safe owners by mapping access to their safes and any related control defects.
Provide indicators for monitoring both the PAM program and the number of protected credentials.

Discover the full potential of PAM Booster as a Service