Brainwave Identity GRC is fueled by dozens of pre-canned data connectors, readily available from our Market Place. And if that’s not enough, we provide a full Data Integration layer for rapid datasource extraction and ingestion.

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Holistic Approach

Brainwave Identity GRC comes with a wealth of ready-to-use connectors for all sorts of standard systems: Legacy systems, Storage, ERP, Operating Systems, RDBMS, Business Applications, Cloud Apps…

Versatile ETL module

Access Data Integration has its own challenges due to the nature of the data themselves and their semantics: some are unstructured, some are hierarchical, others are graph-based (such nested group memberships)… 

Brainwave’s ETL module facilitates this integration by taking charge of consistency checks and reconciliation operations behind the scene.


Data extraction and ingestion can be fully scheduled and automated, including data quality and consistency checks. Rejected records or files are automatically reported for easy investigation and remediation.

Point to point data extraction connectors, compatible with the OpenICF standard, can be extended using Javascript or Powershell.

Overall, this reduces the effort to integrate new data sources by 80% compared to traditional IAM systems or generic ETL technologies.


"Brainwave helps us shed light in all the dark corners of our IT system."

– Pablo Valarezo, Acxiom.

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