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Improve your risk posture around Active Directory, both as a security repository and as an application itself.

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Governance of Active Directory managed objects

Active Directory is probably the most sensitive security repository any organization has to manage. It centralizes access to workstations, servers, file servers, messaging systems and many other systems and applications. Understanding the relationships between the accounts, groups and all the other objects managed in Active Director is key to maintain a high level of trust.

Brainwave helps you build an inventory of Active Directory-managed objects, analyze policies, detect data quality issues and high-risk situations, monitor configuration changes over time and demonstrate compliance.

Active Directory as an application

Active Directory itself exposes multiple high-privilege permissions for its own internal administration. You shall know, at all time, who can administer what in Active Directory.

Brainwave analyzes Access Control Lists (ACL) and policies protecting Active Directory, to help you check that only the right persons have access to the crown jewels.

Monitoring administration activity

With Brainwave’s monitoring capabilities, you can analyze administration activity over time: who reset the CEO’s password? Who updated the Domain Admins membership?

Moreover, you can correlate these activities with users’ entitlements and business responsibilities, to uncover privilege abuse or out-of-band operations.

Booster for Active Directory

Find out how Booster for Active Directory can help control and clean​ your Active Directory environments by integrating contextual information from HR systems and automating controls.

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