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Our solutions are powered by Brainwave Identity GRC, the leading Identity Analytics & Governance software. Our secret sauce, based on years of experience and tons of succesfully delivered customer projects, is now available to any organization across the globe, on Premise or in the Cloud.

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Feature Rich

Brainwave Identity GRC boasts a full feature set, from data extraction, ingestion and correlation to advanced analytics, data visualization and automation workflows. It allows for infinite customization and versatile integration to meet any specific customer use case.

Scalable architecture

Our product has been succesfully deployed for organizations from 500 employees up to a million employees! We know what it means to grow with our customers. You can start with a small, departmental project and grow your implementation globally, or start at scale with a limited scope then add features progressively. The product adapts to your needs, not the other way round.

Open integration

As a data anlytics platform, it’s in our DNA to be able to ingest any type of data coming from any system. We’ve certainly developped all you need to rapidly interface with the most common infrastructure and business sytems: Microsoft, ServiceNow, IAM vendors… Similarly, Brainwave Identity GRC exposes RESTful APIs to query the data, retrieve control results and interact with the analytics engine. You can bring contextual information to your SIEM dashboards, or have a more intuitive access request process by providing suggestions.

A Single Platform For All Your Control Needs

Versatile Data Model

Ingest and analyze authorization data from infrastructure systems to business data and applications seamlessly.

Data Integration Layer

Import data fin any format from multiple data sources and build a structured information about access.

Data Reconciliation & Discovery

A powerful data correlation engine to rebuild the chain of access from siloed data sources.

Data Analytics & Controls

Automate access controls for continuous monitoring and use data mining or AI strategies to uncover risk situations.

BPMN 2.0 Workflow Engine

Orchestrate access review campaigns and trigger remediation actions while maintaining full audit trail.

Reports & Dashboards

Configure your own KPIs or favorite filters, share with your team and export relevant data to any format.

Data History & Trends Analysis

Brainwave answers “who had access to what”, “who has done what” and helps you monitor changes over time.


Notifications & Alerts

Send reports or alerts, assign tasks, send reminders… All using dynamic rules and templates.

Outbound Connectors & Restful API

Leverage the Brainwave data model to bring in the Identity Context to IAM or  security systems 

A Modular Approach

Brainwave Identity GRC

Our core Identity Analytics product and the platform upon which we deploy all our solutions.

User Access Reviews

Improve your access governance and reduce your compliance and cyber risks with smart Access Reviews.

Continuous Control Automation

Automate IT General (ITGC) and Segregation of Duties (SoD) Controls and transition from a point-in-time audit posture to continuous control.

Brainwave Analytics as You Go

Check and review access rights to your applications and data from Excel reports provided on a monthly basis without any installation in your infrastructure.

Booster for Active Directory

All you need to improve your Active Directory governance, better manage groups and accounts and monitor who does what.

Booster for Data Governance

Control access to shared folders, Sharepoint or Office 365 services with a central business-oriented dashboard.

Booster for PAM

Access governance for Privileged Access accross PAM market solutions (CyberArk, Wallix…) and other systems.

Booster for IAM

Augment your Identity Governance capabilities with crisp analytics and mining capabilities, for role design and advanced controls.

"Brainwave helps us shed light in all the dark corners of our IT system."

– Pablo Valarezo, Acxiom.

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