User Access Review

Compliance management has become an integral part of any organization’s business. Combined with a growing sense of cyber-(in)security, companies need to constantly monitor risks, correct issues and demonstrate control.

User Access Review (UAR) is the only way to ensure traceability and accountability of user entitlement across infrastructure, data and application resources. With Brainwave GRC, define and implement a review strategy that combines efficency and productivity.


Review Anything

Brainwave Identity GRC is the only solution on the market with a true focus on periodic access review, enabling you to get a comprehensive view of permissions, access rights, and your IT system applications, data and infrastructure. Automate your review process in order to conduct efficient, actionable campaigns at a larger scale.

Collaborative Approach

With Brainwave Identity GRC, professionals in any type of role can easily and quickly conduct their required reviews, whether or not they are in charge of an application, asset, team, GDPR data processing, a physical plant, or management.

The solution makes it easy to conduct the review with a dedicated interface for each user profile and contextualized data to flag risks, changes, and non-compliance issues with ease.

Ready for Auditors

Conducting periodic access review campaigns is an efficient way to get a quick return on investment in IT system security and to provide concrete, actionable results to all concerned parties, including auditors. The review automation capability offered by Brainwave Identity GRC (organization, management, and supervision) makes it possible to ensure that reviews are completed by the deadline while reducing participants’ work load and frustration.

A proven technology for complex scenarios

Learn how Acxiom implements and conducts User Access Review across infrastructure systems and creates a true competitive advantage for business.

Webinar deploying a User Access Review initiative

How does a company implement a User Access Review initiative? What are the prerequisites and pitfalls to avoid? How do you monitor and report on performance? Discover the answer in this webinar video for experienced compliance managers.

User Access Review

Discover how Brainwave GRC can help you automate user access review campaigns through your lines of business. Provide efficient and actionable campaigns to your team of business managers.

The most advanced access review solution

Benefit from Brainwave GRC’s advanced analytics features to save time in your access reviews, such as pivot tables, automatic data clustering, review of discrepancies, incremental change reviews, smart reviews (AI) with pre-entered decisions submitted for approval.

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Et si vous étiez capables d’identifier d’un coup d’œil les accès les plus à risques ? De comprendre exactement qui a accès à quelle ressource ? De responsabiliser les managers afin qu’ils soient partie prenante des démarches d’analyses de droits d’accès ?


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