Automate Your

User Access Review

Forget about spreadsheets. With Brainwave GRC, access review and recertification are no longer an uphill battle. Whether you are the department manager or the reviewer in charge of evaluating your team’s access rights, take advantage of our user-friendly interface and advanced analysis to facilitate your efforts.
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Are your reviews completed on time?

Are they difficult to do?

Can you get your teams on board during the review campaigns?

User Access Review with Brainwave GRC


Prove Compliance

without Effort

Utilize out-of-the-box reports to demonstrate compliance and respond more quickly to auditors.



Know Who

Has Access to What

Analyze access to your applications, infrastructure and data with identity context in order to reconstruct access chains.


Save Time and Money

With a simpler review process, your teams can spend less time on review tasks and more time on their core job functions.


Our motto: no more than 5 minutes to review access rights!

Facilitez les audits et les revues des accès
Facilitez les audits et les revues des accès

Streamline Your Periodic Access Reviews

Forget about the past. With Brainwave GRC, you can now complete your periodic review and recertification campaigns in a timely manner.

Teams are empowered and, therefore, more involved throughout the process thanks to an ergonomic solution and seamless interfaces. Brainwave GRC allows you to go further and makes your reviews intelligent by using AI. Suggested actions to be taken are predefined, and all the reviewers must do is validate them.

Identifiez les risques liés aux accès

Identify Access Risks Continuously

Highlight access risks and resolve issues on an ongoing basis.

Risk-scoring KPIs and predictive controls automatically flag anomalies and atypical situations which helps to fully control access to your most sensitive resources.

Identifiez les risques liés aux accès
Vérifiez le respect des politiques de sécurité
Vérifiez le respect des politiques de sécurité

Ensure Access Rights Compliance

Proof of compliance is just a few clicks away, so reduce the pressure during audits with ready-to-use reports.

Demonstrate compliance with any standard or regulation, including SOC, SOX, CMMC, ISAE3402, HITRUST, ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc. Checklists are pre-loaded in Brainwave GRC, and review campaigns can be automated with this in mind and in accordance with your organization’s requirements.

Communiquez sur le PAM

Automate Remediation

Requested changes to access rights are made directly by interfacing with third-party solutions such as ITSM or IGA. These corrective actions can then be checked automatically during the next round of controls to ensure that they have been carried out correctly.

Communiquez sur la maîtrise des accès

Our Solutions

User Access Review

This is the ultimate solution for performing complete and timely periodic reviews, encouraging your team’s participation and automating change requests. Compliance becomes a formality.

Identity Analytics Services

Easily prepare the authorization reviews and boost your IAM/IGA solutions by taking back control of accesses through the data enrichment and documenting and mapping of them all.

Privileged Governance Services

Identify your privileged accounts, accelerate their security in CyberArk, and get ready-to-use reports to communicate internally and respond to auditors.

Role Mining Services

Facilitate recertification by modeling and creating roles. Rely on a proven methodology and innovative technology to optimize the success of your role mining projects.

User Access Reviews – FAQ

What is an Access Rights Review?

Applications, infrastructure and data: who has access to what? The review of access rights, or recertification, consists of reviewing user access to the various resources within a company with the objective being to fully demonstrate compliance with security policies.

Why are Access Rights Reviews Important?

The access review process is designed to periodically verify the accuracy of existing accesses on a company’s systems and resources and has multiple benefits.

The primary driver for implementing the access review process is to ensure compliance with security standards within an organization. It is a best practice for management to know and understand exactly who has access to which resources and to hold department heads accountable for the access they grant to their team members. Additionally, access review also helps reduce risk by highlighting who can access data and systems and by verifying that each individual has just the right amount of access to do his or her job.

How Should Access Reviews Be Done?

Typically, an access review refers to the periodic review of access rights, something that is done at regular intervals within a company. The goal of this type of review is to meet compliance objectives (ISO27001, etc.). In parallel, it is also possible to perform continuous access reviews which, because they are done continually as a way to monitor the accuracy of accesses, are used to ensure that risks remain limited.

In the past, access reviews were mostly performed using spreadsheets. It was a very tedious activity which required employees to stop their normal job functions to perform the reviews. Today, the best practice is to use software specifically designed to handle the review process, making it more efficient and timelier to prove compliance.

How Often Should Access Reviews be Performed?

Generally, a minimum of one yearly access review should be undertaken. However, if the number of accesses is high or if the systems or resources are particularly sensitive, there is always the possibility of increasing the frequency by scheduling more frequent mini reviews, for example, every month or quarter. Reviews that target only internal modifications such as personnel, staffing or organizational changes as well as high-risk situations are referred to as micro-certifications.