Logical access controls for IT Audit

Be ready for IT auditors. Automate your internal control operations by continuously monitor and check logical access across infrastructure, applications and data.

Provide actionable reports to resources owners to improve data quality, reduce security risks and demonstrate compliance.

All this while improving user experience and reducing the cost of compliance.

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Compliance and cyber-security risks: the stakes have never been so high. Organizations are being pressured both by regulators, as well as pervasive insider and outsider threats menacing their business assets and reputation. Enforcing the security and adequacy of user access across systems and applications is a key activity to assess and lower those risks. However, a purely procedural approach to Logical Access Control is hopeless: there are too many parameters, too many ever-changing data to check. Automation is required.

Brainwave GRC provides a set of features and tools to help you transition from a passive audit posture to an automated, pro-active continuous control approach.

IT General Controls (ITGC)

Implement a continuous monitoring approach for your Logical Access Controls. Detect anomalies, trigger remediation, set alerts and monitor trends.

Benefit from dozens of pre-canned controls ready to be used for any system or application.

Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Implement fine-grained SoD controls for ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle eBusiness Suite…) and classify the deviations as part of UAR. Set exceptions, trigger remediation…

Using the simulation module, you can make changes to the role model or to user access and immediately visualize the impact in terms of SoD issues reduction.

Least privilege principle

Model or import business roles and compare with actual user access to detect undesired entitlements.

Using data clustering techniques, you can graphically review user access and ensure that people with the same responsibilities have the same level of access.

Who did what?

Use Brainwave GRC’s access inventory to browse back in time and support forensic investigations:

who had access to this sensitive asset?

Why they had it? Until when?

What’s changed over the last six months?

“A solution that is highly appreciated by users: a rare and remarkable fact.”

— Chief information security officer, Finance Industry

Use Case: SoD Risk Analysis in SAP

This organization’s internal audit and control teams were confronted with lasting SoD issues. Their external auditors had been highlighting security risks and recommended improved management and monitoring. Discover how they now handle potential fraud with their critical business processes, many using SAP.

How to Automate Your Internal Control Activities

In this webinar, discover how to automate your SoD controls and efficiently ensure your security policy’s implementation in order to easily reduce and manage your fraud and compliance risks.

Customer testimonial

Discover the testimonial of Jean-Baptiste Brochard, Head of Information Security, EMEA&APAC – at Linedata, and learn about their success upon the implementation of ITGCs’ Automation and Access Review dashboards with Brainwave GRC.