Data Governance

Unstructured data (files and documents) represent 93% of the total informational assets of  an organization, yet 54% of organizations admit they do not know if user access is aligned with their policies.

Ensuring the security of personal data, intellectual property or financial information has become a major stake for security and compliance teams alike.

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The massive adoption of digital technologies has revolutionized all areas of business. Their development has led to the exponential growth of the data produced. Today, unstructured data accounts for 93% of the total data assets. However 54% of organizations admit they do not know whether or not user access to data is aligned with applicable policies.

Moreover, these data can be found everywhere: in your systems and applications, at your providers, in the Cloud​… Microsoft Office 365 itself contains more than 50 data-driven services!

This is where Data Governance can make a difference.

With Brainwave Identity GRC, bring visibility over folder and document access, across all your data management systems, including filers, Sharepoint, CMS, Office 365, etc.

Implement automated controls and run supervised access reviews in order to enforce the least privilege principle and secure your critical assets.

On Premise CMS and File Storage

Booster for Data Governance enables you to automate the inventory of all the access rights to your company’s unstructured data.

Authorization analysis helps you instantly answer questions such  as, “Who has access to this repository,” and “What are Mr. Smith’s access rights in this shared folder?”. The automated analyses consolidate all changes and enable you to detect, for example, shared files that have been set on public access by mistake or user accounts remaining active after their owners have left the company.

Office 365

Booster for Data Governance features have been extended to also support​ Cloud environments such as Microsoft Office 365.

As well as for on premise resources, you will benefit from a full overview on access to the shared elements to reduce data leakage risk, identification and mitigation as well as to efficiently investigate data access related risks based on the entire data history of authorizations.

Active Directory

With Booster for Active Directory, you will no longer waste time on inventory, consolidation, interpretation and formatting data in Active Directory.

These tasks are automated and also enable the integration of contextual information from HR (people, business, organizations, etc.), from applications, data and infrastructures. Booster for Active Directory follows the development of your digital transformation by continuously controlling the evolution of your Active Directory repositories.

Data Governance with a business touch

Discover why Active Directory is a critical asset that must be secured inside out, a presentation by Sebastien Faivre, Brainwave GRC’s CTO.

Booster for Active Directory

Find out how Booster for Active Directory can help control and clean​ your Active Directory environments by integrating contextual information from HR systems and automating controls.

How to secure Active Directory - best practices webinar

Every time, our clients are saying the same thing: “we need more visibility, more control, more traceability, we need a feedback…” In this webinar, discover how they benefit from Identity Governance with Booster for Active Directory in their context of Digital Transformation.

How to Start Governance of Unstructured Data Access webinar

In this webinar, discover Booster Data Governance and how to start build a full inventory of your unstructured data access, tagging shared folders with sensitive and personal data, and retrieve the identities in the company that can access this data and check the legitimacy of these rights. Get a full understanding of the reasons why and check the validity of these accesses.