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Brainwave integrates fully in the securing objectives of our SaaS hosting platforms

Automates control tasks we owe to our regulators

It’s an invaluable solution to us!

Jean-Baptiste Brochard

Brainwave GRC offers a 360° overview of users’ access to applications and servers

for automation of reviews and remediation

Brainwave GRC’s value goes beyond compliance.

Pablo Valarezo

Brainwave GRC Demonstration videos

Discover how Booster for IAM can help you prepare, conduct and maintain your IAM projects.

Discover a way to save time with with our automated, access-review process. Managers and stakeholders can use the cross-table features to review and simplify the enrollment process.

Booster for Active Directory helps you audit and analyse security risks and data quality issues.

Brainwave GRC interviews and podcasts

Organizational added-value through access review and certification.

Sebastien Faivre

Co-founder and CTO, Brainwave GRC

GDPR’s Challenges: Compliance Continuity

Sebastien Faivre

Co-founder and CTO, Brainwave GRC

The stakes of digital transformation & Active Directory: Booster for Active Directory presentation

Sebastien Faivre

Co-founder and CTO, Brainwave GRC

How to implement an effective User Access Review process?

Discover in our next webinar the best practices and the benefits our clients get by automating such a process.

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