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User Access Review

Discover how Brainwave GRC can help you automate user access review campaigns through your lines of business and easily involve their managers, by providing efficient and actionable campaigns on a large scale.

Brainwave Analytics as You Go datasheet

With no installation, no infrastructure, no IT project – get the value of Brainwave GRC instantly and with no hussle and check and review access rights to your applications and data from Excel reports provided on a monthly basis.

Booster for Privileged Account Management datasheet

This datasheet explains how Booster for PAM can help you keep control of your privileged accounts, build a full inventory of who can access privileged accounts, who can administrate them and what are the abnormal situations or misconfigurations in your PAM systems.

Booster for Active Directory datasheet

Find out how Booster for Active Directory can help you control and clean​ your Active Directory environments by integrating contextual information from HR systems and automating controls.

Booster for Data Governance datasheet

Start building a full inventory of your unstructured data access, tag shared folders with sensitive and personal data, retrieve the identities in the company that can access to this data, understand the reason why and check the legitimacy of these access.

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ADP GSI use case datasheet

Get a feedback of one of our client ADP GSI that deploy Brainwave GRC Review and Recertification   solutions worldwide to be compliant with regulations and make your own idea on the benefits you can expect from Brainwave GRC.

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SoD Risk Analysis in SAP Use Case

This organization’s internal audit and control teams were confronted by lasting Segregation of Duties issues. Their external auditors had also been highlighting security risks and recommended improving risk management and monitoring. Discover how they took care of fraud risks within their critical business processes, many with SAP.

CNAV use case datasheet

Find in this case study why CNAV, the French national pension department, chose Brainwave GRC to automate reviews and controls for more than 120 000 identities and benefit from a centralized view over its users, their access rights and repositories in the information system.

Credit Agricole Technologies & Services use case datasheet

Read how CA-TS implemented Brainwave GRC for control automation, from solution selection process to implementation. Get feedback on how Brainwave GRC fit the business units'needs and the added-values for the whole organization.

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