Internal Control Automation

You need to know who has segregation of duties issues that could lead to fraud, all the while enduring auditors’ pressure regarding compliance. But it is a nightmare due to the technical complexity and the business-oriented SoD matrix.

Get your financial systems clean, keep them clean, ensure compliance and audit : identify potential and proven fraud risks and evaluate their impact.

Automate your ITGCs controls and be compliant

Implement a continuous monitoring approach for your Logical Access Controls. Detect anomalies, trigger remediation, set alerts and monitor trends.

Benefit from dozens of pre-canned controls ready to be used for any system or application.

Internal Control Automation makes your company compliant with SoD requirements

Implement fine-grained SoD controls for ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, JDE…) and classify the deviations as part of UAR. Set exceptions, trigger remediation…

Using the simulation module, you can make changes to the role model or to user access and immediately visualize the impact in terms of SoD issues reduction.

Benefit from advanced analysis for Business users, auditors and technical experts

Crosstab dashboards provides you with a drill down analysis, from identities or Roles to SoD root cause, including SoD definitions.

Evaluate both intra- and cross- applications/systems fraud risks, check your Core Model issues or roles mis-configurations and manage exceptions and remediation lifecycle..

Featured videos

Discover some of the benefits of Internal Control Automation in these video demonstrations of root cause analysis and “what if” simulation.

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