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Make your IAM project a success, augment the capabilities of your legacy IAM platform with advanced reporting, out-of-bond entitlements detection and role mining

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Provide strong analytics about user access to your IAM solutions

While traditional Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions focus on access fulfillment and provide only basic Analytics and Governance capabilities, Brainwave Identity GRC embraces the analysis of any system (infrastructure, business applications or data) and provides advanced control automation, risks scoring and access review capabilities.

Enforce IAM, follow up changes and maintain a good user access quality

Secure your IAM system deployment by managing upfront data quality and data reconciliation issues. Benefit from the advanced data correlation and analytical capabilities, the peer group analyses and more. Provide a holistic view of system access, including generic / privileged accounts, disconnected resources or even unstructured data access in the same inventory.

Create, consolidate and maintain usefull roles

Create, maintain and update your roles using the unique Brainwave GRC methodology. Conduct workshops with your business teams using the Booster for IAM role mining feature that combines both top-down and bottom-up approaches and deliver usefull and up-to-date roles to your IAM tools.

Be agile and use the closed-loop remediation with IAM

Triggered requested remediation including role creation and maintenance operations automatically using the seamless Brainwave Identity GRC integration with IAM or ITSM tools. Create and monitor correction requests in an IAM or ticketing system and verify with Brainwave Identity GRC that the requested corrections have been made in the target systems, ensuring that decisions made based on reviews have been carried out.

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Role Mining

Create, maintain and update your roles using the unique Brainwave GRC methodology. Conduct workshops with your business teams using the Booster for IAM to combine both top-down and bottom-up approaches and deliver useful and up-to-date roles for your IAM tools.

Theoretical Access Controls

Compare the real access rights in the systems to theoretical access rights available from your IAM (Identity and Access Management) or ITSM tools, or even from any business role matrix. In this way, you can discover both under- and over-allocation which will help to make the best decision about these overlooked situations.

Risk Scoring

Evaluate and hightlight the most risky situations. Search each identity or resource for associated risks and take corrective action.  Benefit from interconnexion capabilities between Brainwave GRC and ITSM or IAM (Identity and Access Management) tools to automate remediations.

Featured videos

Discover some of the benefits of our Booster for IAM  in these video demonstrations of Role Mining, theoretiocal rights and risk scoring features.

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Are you trying to manage your privileged accounts without using a dedicated tool? How’s that working for you? Mission Impossible?

Brainwave GRC has created a turn-key solution to add to and accelerate your PAM solution.

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