Booster for Data Governance

Brainwave GRC provides a wealth of analytical capabilities to leverage the inventory of all unstructured data access. This way you can implement holistic controls across all your sensitive data.

Mitigate security risks regarding unstructured data access

Unstructured Data Governance is one of the most complex process to set in place. Start it easily with Brainwave GRC and benefit from a full inventory of these access, the control automation to identify at a glance abnormal situations such as security risks and data quality issues, and follow-up access rights changes.

Improve unstructured data knowledge

Enrich data by adding metainformation such as business owners, data type, level of sensitivity and data description. Automate this process to protect the most sensitive data in your company and benefit from a unique referential available for your CISO, DPO, auditors and IT teams.

Empower business users and stay regulatory compliant

Give visibility on what are unstructured data access to your business users and managers. Involve them easily in review processes to enrich data information and review user access. This way stay compliant with the GDPR and provide at any time compliance reports, dashboards and analysis to your auditors.

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