BAAYGO – Brainwave Analytics-As-You-Go

No installation, no infrastructure, no IT project – get the value of Brainwave GRC instantly and with no hussle.

Can you check who can access what?

Can you check whether these accesses are legitimate?

Do you have time and capacity to execute access reviews?

Solve your user access issues to be free from audit recommendations

Today, companies have to review on a regular basis user access rights to be compliant with security policies and regulations.

Generating user access compliance reports, correlate and verify vast volumes of data and organize reporting to the reviewers is most of the time an arduous task. Users are unsatisfied with access review results and reviewers are often left without any vision on identities, authorizations and systems changes .

Automatize user acces audit, from data collect to compliance reports

With Brainwave Analytics-As-You-Go, benefit from monthly user access analysis completly automatized. Check easily who is working in your company, who has access to infrastructures, applications and data.  Investigate on abnormal situations thanks to data quality, groups and accounts controls. Check changes that occure at organization and user access levels. Provides reviewers with up-to-date review Excel sheets with indications to help them make informed decision.

Outsource authorizations analysis and compliance reports production

Deliver in our secured exchange platform your user access data on a monthly basis including HR, Active Directory, Applications and Data information.

The Brainwave GRC dedicated platform automatically import and consolidate these data and execute controls to highlight abnormal situations.

Reports are then provided through the secured exchange platform in Excel format, to allow you, your reviewers and auditors to analyse.

Brainwave Analytics-As-You-Go

Brainwave GRC instantly offers analytics without the hassle of heavy infrastructure, timely installation or costly IT projects. Review and confirm access rights to your applications and data from monthly reports.

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Webinar – Periodic or Continuous Access Reviews: 2 Strategies

There are two ways of doing access right reviews. The most common is the periodic review which shows compliance at a specific date in time. However, the continuous review strategy is actually more important from a best practice standpoint because it reduces the risks associated with access information.

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