Booster for Privileged Access Management

Entrusting anyone with the keys to the realm is the most sensitive decision.

How do you ensure to document and periodically reassess this decision with regards to technical, organizational and people changes?

The most sensitive access…

Privileged accounts are used to administer or take partial or total control of critical applications or systems. The inappropriate accumulation or allocation of privileged access to users is a source of significant security and compliance risks.

Research has shown that from the moment an attacker manages to take control of a privileged account, he is able to take full control of the Information System in less than two weeks.

…and yet are you in control?

Privileged accounts are of diverse nature (infrastructure, systems, cloud, business applications…) and pervasively used by IT teams for operations, yet they seldom fall into the categories of accounts managed with streamlined IAM processes. As a result, some are managed with purely procedural processes or in an ad-hoc fashion, while others may benefit from a more centralized management platform, such as a PAM solution (Privileged Access Management).

How can we enforce a consistent level of controls, accountability and compliance in such heterogeneous a situation?

Holistic control of Privileged Accounts with Brainwave Identity GRC

Brainwave Identity GRC is a software solution specifically designed to alleviate the pain of extracting, correlating and analyzing access-related data in order to find control deviations and assess risks.

Whether your privileged accounts are managed using a PAM solution or not, Brainwave GRC will help you build a comprehensive inventory, document and justify each access and implement automated compliance and risk controls, including Privileged Access Reviews.

Booster for Privileged Accounts Management datasheet

This datasheet explains how Booster for PAM can help you keep control on your privileged accounts, build a full inventory of who can access privileged accounts, who can administrate them and what are the abnormal situations or misconfigurations in your PAM systems.

Inventorize privileged access

Identify all privileged accounts in any resource: infrastructure, applications, cloud, PAM… Classify access by type and sensitivity. Assign owners.

Our reconciliation engine automates most operations and facilitates the detection of orphan access.

Control and Review

Correlate access and people. Ensure that all privileged accounts are legitimately used by the right person, at any time, whether they are managed using a PAM solution or elseway. Detect out-of-band changes. Perform Privileged Access Reviews to periodically reassess the entitlements granted.

Improve your PAM Governance

Ensure your PAM system is performing adequately. Who can administer the PAM solution? How are the vaults configured? Are user groups adequately managed?

Detect risk situations and remediate to defects in a timely manner.

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Les accès à privilèges protègent vos actifs les plus sensibles. Il y en existe partout : infrastructure, applications, stockages de données, Cloud… Comment les recenser de manière exhaustive ? Les classifier et comprendre qui les utilise, pourquoi et s’assurer que leur usage reste justifié et légitime dans le temps ?

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