Company Profile

We built Brainwave with a vision: that managing access was not enough to demonstrate compliance and enfoce the desired level of risk-taking. Organizations need holistic visbility and controls over who has access to what.

One Expertise

Brainwave GRC is a global leader in access rights security analysis for applications and data. Founded in 2010 by a team of seasoned IT security professionals, experts in Identity and Access Management, Brainwave GRC helps organizations protect their sensitive assets and fight against fraud and cyber risks. 

Brainwave GRC, proud member of Hexatrust

The HexaTrust club was founded by a group of French SMEs with expertise in information security systems, cybersecurity and digital trust.
This combination of companies meets the needs of companies, public and private organizations of all sizes, looking for European and French innovative products, covering all their IT security needs.
Building on their presence on the European market, HexaTrust members also share  their experiences and network to accelerate their international growth.
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We work hand in hand with expert consultants, as well as global Software Integrators and Advisory firms. Brainwave GRC partners can accompany our customers in the long run to help them make the most of our technologies, all around the world.

Wether you’re a boutique IAM specialist or a large SI, if you want to discover our products and build high-value solutions together, contact us today!

  • Bronze prize in Risk Analysis at “Les Cas d’Or de la Cybersécurité” 2019
  • Silver prize in Cloud Security at “Silicon Innovation Awards” 2019
  • Silicon innovation award 2018
  • Innovation IT laureate 2016
  • France Cyber Security label 2015
  • Prize for security innovation, CRIP 2014
  • Leadership Compass IAG, KuppingerCole 2014
  • Leadership Compass IAM suite, KuppingerCole 2014
  • Hype Cycle for Back-Office Analytic Applications, 2014
  • Hype Cycle for Identity and Access Management Technologies, 2014‏
  • Hype Cycle for Governance, Risk and Compliance Technologies, 2014
  • Cool Vendor Security 2013, Gartner
  • Security HypeCycle 2013, Gartner
  • Leadership Compass IAG, KuppingerCole 2013
  • Vendor to watch, Gartner IGA Magic Quadrant 2013
  • Niche player in Gartner IAG Magic Quadrant 2012
  • ‘Usine Nouvelle’ pépite, 2012
  • Innovation prize « Les Assises de la Sécurité » octobre 2011

Connaissez-vous la Gouvernance des Accès à Privilèges ?


Les accès à privilèges protègent vos actifs les plus sensibles. Il y en existe partout : infrastructure, applications, stockages de données, Cloud… Comment les recenser de manière exhaustive ? Les classifier et comprendre qui les utilise, pourquoi et s’assurer que leur usage reste justifié et légitime dans le temps ?

Découvrez les méthodes et retours d’expérience client sur la Gouvernance des Accès à Privilèges avec notre prochain webinar, le 5 Mars 2020 !


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