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Brainwave case studies

Brainwave case studies

SAP & SoD: a successful project with a worldwide coverage

This organization’s internal audit and control teams were confronted to lasting Segregation of Duties issues and extended access rights for a number of users. They chose Brainwave Identity GRC to reduce and mitigate fraud risks efficiently.

SAP: Access Inventory and SoD Controls

See how Brainwave GRC  can enable you to map users and habilitations in SAP and implement efficient SoD controls.

Insurance: Control industrialization and data quality

This case study unveils one of our client’s journey, who wished to industrialize processes and controls, improve data quality and rationalize control tasks.

Finance: Access review

Our client in this case study is a financial services European business. This organization used Brainwave GRC solution to operate account reconciliation, automate reviews and implement continuous control.

Private banking: fine-grained user access rights

This case study highlights how one of our clients, a private international investment bank, implemented best practices to fight against data breaches with Brainwave GRC.

Trading: SoD controls and data quality

Our client, the trading branch of an international group, implemented Brainwave GRC to ensure its regulatory compliance linked to the banking and trading activities. The dashboards he uses with the Brainwave Identity GRC interface enables the organization to monitor continuously SoD controls enforcement.

Unstructured data protection

This case study explains how Brainwave GRC helped one of our clients, a major transportation actor, solve a main business need: a strong lack of visibility over its unstructured data, rapidly growing (Sharepoint sites, shared folders, etc).

Trading: access review

Our client in this case study, an independant trading branch of an worldwide organization, was especially exposed to fraud and data breach risks and wished to implement with Brainwave GRC strong controls enable to identify rapidly risk situations and remediate.

Data governance and theoretical rights

Our client in this case study, specialized in asset management, implemented Brainwave GRC to govern data efficiently and detect divergences between theoretical and real access rights.

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