Silver prize in the category Cloud Security. For the Silicon Innovation Awards ceremony on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019, Brainwave GRC won in the “Cloud Security” category for the second year in a row. The event, chaired by 20 decision-makers from the world of IT and Innovation, members of the Jury, celebrates technological solutions and applications that hold the key to the evolution and transformation of companies and organizations. The winners in the cloud security category are: Onelogin, Brainwave GRC and Cyberark. The list of nominees is available at this link

In July of 2018, Brainwave GRC won the award for best security solution for new environments (cloud security, IOT) in the category of “Digital Security”.

Through these repeated wins, Brainwave GRC maintains its standing as a leading European publisher of “Identity Analytics” solutions focused on the protection of businesses against cyber-risks such as fraud, sensitive data leaks and external attacks.


Silicon sécurité cloud 


About Brainwave GRC:
Founded in 2010 Brainwave GRC helps organizations protect their sensitive assets and fight against fraud and cyber risks. Brainwave GRC solutions are dedicated to data and applications security as well as • access rights governance • fight against fraud • prevent data leaks • protect against cyber-attacks • help you remain compliant . Brainwave in figures: +60 customers worldwide, +3 millions  analyzed identities, +1 billion controlled access rights, +1000 reviews monthly.

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NetMediaGroup is a reference BtoB media group dedicated to information technology, dedicated to decision-makers and IT professionals in 4 European countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy). He is editor of, and organizer of major B2B events.

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