Brainwave GRC at IDM Europe 2017 in Amsterdam

Brainwave GRC at IDM Europe 2017 in Amsterdam

Brainwave GRC was a the Identity Management White Hall media event – IDM Europe 2017 – on the 8th of March in Amsterdam!


IDM Europe is Europe’s leading Identity and Access Management conference for senior risk management, security and IAM actors across all industries, from government to worldwide manufacturers and banks. It is one of the rising IT security events in Europe with more and more companies and organizations gathering in Amsterdam each year.

Brainwave GRC was one of the IDM 2017 sponsors. The 3rd edition of this event was attended by many actors this year, attracted to the numerous seminars, speakers and customer testimonials.

Pablo Valarezo, Expert Information Security Manager at Acxiom, explained to a very large crowd why his company chose Brainwave GRC, how the project was sucessfully implemented and the solution’s benefits. Dozens of participants, many having to stand as all of the available seats were taken, listened to this down-to-earth presentation of what a Brainwave GRC project looks like and how successful it can be.





The 2017 IDM event in Amsterdam lasted only a day and went by very fast with Mr. Valarezo’s presentation and multiple exchanges and demonstrations at the Brainwave GRC booth all day long.

See you next year!


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