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Brainwave is not just about the technology. It is above all a human adventure.

Making the best of each opportunity

Each of us comes with her/his own skills, experiences, culture and values. We welcome all backgrounds: IT, security experts, chemistry, linguistics, media, accounting, military and the arts!  By building a great product together, each individual develops and drives his or her own career. Anyone can contribute, and this contribution defines the job function.

As opposed to poster with company values or a description of the perfect team player, we are who and what we are. We support each other and are dedicated to what we do.

Teams and Open Positions

Contact us today for full job descriptions prior to applying.

Customer Success

At the forefront of the Brainwave team, Customer Success is in charge of enablement, configuration and expertise for our customers and partners.

Product Development

This is where the magic happens! We solve complex customer issues with advanced techniques, such as data processing, statistics and machine learning.

Sales & Marketing

Join our international team of experts and bring Brainwave to the world! Help us educate, share the vision, grow our reputation and our customer base.


Consultants lead partner and customer enablement: training, support and expertise.
They share best practices and design patterns. They make sure each deployment is a success, in that it delivers to our customers the value they expect and more.


Architects are involved in the most complex deployments and elaborate solutions to meet our customers’ requirements: performance and scalability, security, availability and million other challenges.

Support Engineers

Our Support Team addresses all incoming customer requests, provides troubleshooting and remote assistance. They are here to help!

Senior Java Developers

Did we tell we develop software products? This is where the magic happens!
We run a demanding environment in DevOps mode and are seeking experienced and creative developers.


The DBAs handle the availability, security and integrity of Terabytes of data. We run PostgreSql, we run Microsoft SQL Server and, each day, we make decisions about the best technology to address our customers’ use cases.

QA Engineers

Continuous integration, tests automation, packaging and document – but above all, understanding the customer pains and challenge each step of the production process to make sure the software meets all our cutomer demands with the highest standards of quality and delivers the highest value.

Account Manager - Europe / US

Our Sales team is forever expanding. Our customers are large corporations used to work with much bigger software providers. Everyday, we convince them that we can deliver what we committed to. If you are well versed into managing large customer accounts but feel the weight of the organization is crushing you, contact us!

Digital Marketing

All the digital means allow us to reach the world. The Marketing Team is on a mission to make sure any organization anywhere has heard of us, knows what we can provide and how to contact us.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales manage the first direct human contact with prospects – they need to instantly understand the pains and expectations, create a bond and engage prospects. All this in relation with a topic that may seem arid at first! This is why we are looking for curious, passionate and pushing professionals with a great sense of empathy.

Our Office

Conveniently located five minutes from downtown Paris, our HQ Office offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and La Défense.The Montreal office is similarly located close to the Cathedral at the heart of the old city center.


Why Brainwave?

Software is an industry, but it is also an art. Success comes from this unique mix of creativity and capacity to execute.

Customers First

We listen to our customers and we build the best product to meet their needs and provide the best experience. The customer is not always right, but we guide and support him if he is wrong.

No Limit To Innovation

Innovation is our DNA and raison d’être. It is the medium by which we distinguish ourselves from the competition and win contracts across the globe. It is also the raison why we grow as they grow.


Team Effort

Team spirit is very strong at Brainwave. We stick together in good times and bad. We support and rely on each other and always work as a team to find solutions together.


Respect And Kindness

Brainwave makes no discrimination of any kind and especially not gender, age or culture. Varied experiences and origins are welcomed. What truly counts is an open mind and desire to learn. The academic background of many of our team members is quite surprising!

Everybody Contributes

With a flat hierarchy and a strong focus on project-driven management, employees have a lot of freedom to organize their work. Moreover, all help is welcomed when there is work to be done. Even a developer can lend hand to the Marketing team!

Shared Success

Customer satifaction is what makes Brainwave successful, and the company’s success leads to our employees success. We offer attractive incentive programs and other benefits for all employees. We are very proud of our team and let them know it!

“A work of Software is like a work of Art: it has to be abandoned in order to be finished.”

Donald Knuth

Author of "The Art of Computer Programming"

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