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partner support

Benefit from Brainwave GRC's partner support

partner support



A key-factor in conducting successful projects together


Partner support by Brainwave GRC is about providing our partners with the best training and support services in order for them to master our solutions in the best way and ensure a fructuous and dynamic collaboration.

The Brainwave GRC Professional services team is dedicated to supporting partners daily on any type of project. The goal is to enable Brainwave GRC partners to acquire the necessary functional and/or technical capabilities rapidly to manage the company’s solutions and their deployment. Brainwave PS team is all about proactivity, agility and team work.

The partner support provided by the Professional services team is available worldwide for all partners and strongly participated in the success of a large number of projects throughout the years (Canada, Algeria, Belgium, etc).


Brainwave partners can benefit at any time from Professional services consultants’ expertise on their projects.

The PS team works daily on a large number of different Brainwave GRC projects to provide their expertise at the right time to ensure the success of solutions’ implementation. PS consultants have a facilitation and acceleration role in all deployment projects to satisfy clients and reinforce the collaboration with partners.


Professional services team members provide their advice to partners daily to guarantee successful solutions’ implementations in varied client ecosystems. The quality of the consulting activity for Brainwave GRC partners comes directly from the consultants’ direct and day-to-day work on concrete and real Brainwave GRC projects, in close collaboration with all actors involved.


The Brainwave partner support is based on a “tested and proven” consulting and project management methodology. Key elements such as defining a realistic and ambitious planning and the delimitation of a functional coverage adapted to specific client needs, ensure the quality and speed to deploy Brainwave GRC solutions.

Partner training

Brainwave GRC partners benefit from frequent training sessions delivered by Professional services consultants in order to acquire and maintain the best management of Brainwave GRC solutions and their deployment.

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With partner training, the objective is to help Brainwave GRC partners master solutions to provide the best expertise and implementation processes for our common clients. The training programs last 2 to 4 days.


This training program is for advanced users of Brainwave GRC solutions, who need to manage control plans and ad-hoc analyses.


This training program is for technical profiles who wish to learn about the technical usage and configuration of the Identity GRC solution.


This training program is for consultants who want to implement processes based on the workflow engine and also for consultants who wish to customize the Brainwave Identity GRC web portal.

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