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Assistance to deploy your project with Professional Services


accompagnement partenaires

Our number one goal is your project’s ultimate success


This is why Brainwave GRC carries an agile methodology which distinguishes itself by a focus on the achievement of concrete and short-term benefits at each step of the project. It allows to  the advantages of the solution and to share the profits of the project with the strata of management,  

Contrary to the traditional IAM projects, Brainwave GRC allows to reach concrete goals in just dozens of days. Our methodology allows to chain successive stages of the project with for each of them real measurable and visible profits. It has been designed by Brainwave Professional Services and is also opened to our implementation partners. The #1 goal is to allow our partners to be efficient and to develop skills with ease and speed on the Brainwave solutions and in their implementation.

Brainwave Professional Services members are recognized for their proactivity, skills and teamwork.


Professional Services Team Excellence

Our Professional Services team is committed to the everyday life on a wide number of projects to bring their expertise to insure successful implementation of our solutions. The team plays a role of facilitation and acceleration of the projects and focus on customer satisfaction and foster the collaboration with the  Brainwave partners.

Brainwave GRC Methodology

The Brainwave GRC Professional Services team leans on a proven and agile methodology insuring successful projects. Key elements, such as the definition of a realistic schedule and the specifications of functional coverage suited to customer customized needs, allow to insure quality and speed of implementation of the project.


Leverage your investments in Brainwave GRC with world-class security expertise and best practices.

Brainwave GRC Professional Services helps organizations assess their security and governance needs and develop strategies to maximize the project return on investment. No matter how large your organization is or how complex your deployment can be, our Professional services team has the experience and skills to ensure a successful and seamless deployment.


Brainwave GRC Training

With this training offer, Brainwave clients can train overtime to master the Brainwave solutions they use. The goal is to understand and manage the features connected to each user profile (functional or technical) in order to make the best out of the Brainwave technologies and be involved in the organization’s IT security.


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