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Brainwave GRC at the IDM 2016 event in London

Published the June 28, 2016

Brainwave GRC participated in the annual IDM 2016 event

Identity and Management, from the 21st and 22nd of June in London

A privileged opportunity to meet the UK IT community

IDM is an Identity and Access Management event, organized in London by Whitehall media, to provide the opportunity to UK and international IAM actors and businesses to meet and exchange on the current major changes this branch of IT security is undergoing.

As businesses and organizations embrace more and more digital platforms and solutions, managing and securing access to identities, governing employment access to strategic resources and assets are top priorities. It has been forecasted that the IAM sector is supposed to grow up to over 18 billion dollars in 2019.

IDM 2016 in London was the 14th biannuel edition of Whitehall’s Idenitty Management conference, to which hundreds of IAM leaders and innovators participated to “identify new frontiers and opportunities”.

Identity and Access Management is central to enabling business agility, for consolidation of access and supporting collaborative working, and to delivering new channels and anytime, anywhere access. Globally the IAM landscape is set to grow to an estimated $18.30 billion in 2019, with an annual compound growth rate of nearly 15 per cent. This impressive growth points to the increasingly complex task of managing identity in the enterprise given the advent of mobile, cloud and other ICT consumerisation trends.

For Brainwave GRC, we wished strongly to participate in this event as it is one of the prime meetings for the UK IAM community, an occasion not to miss.

Brainwave GRC’s presentation at the IDM: promoting Brainwave Identity GRC solution

Cyril Gollain, CEO of Brainwave GRC, presented Brainwave Identity GRC, the company’s main solution of Identity Analytics. This solution, among other uses and benefits, enables organizations to ensure the success of their IAM projects’ deployment and maintenance over time.

Thanks to control and process automation, log analysis and collection of all data and applications, including HR, Brainwave Identity GRC improves the efficiency of IAM project management in a secured environment. Simple and easy-to-use the solution enables businesses to mobilize technical and business actors in their IAM projects and in the security and protection of access rights to assets and resources.



Brainwave GRC’s development in the UK

2016 is the year for Brainwave GRC’s international development, especially in the UK. Participating in events and meeting the local and national actors of the UK IT security community are priorities for the company.

The IDM 2016 event was the first major UK event Brainwave GRC participated in this year, wishing to meet local actors after having met mostly international visitors at the Gartner IAM summit last March in London too. Human contact is not to be replaced and is complementary to our digital activity to engage with the UK IAM and IAI communities in London and the rest of the United Kingdom.


Interested in meeting us next time we come to London? Don’t hesitate and contact us to set up a meeting!