With ten years of experience and expertise, Brainwave takes a big leap forward with the development of its ready-to-use SaaS offer of vertical solutions. The first of these to be unveiled is Role Mining as a Service which will be available starting February 15, 2021.

Role Mining as a Service uses a proven Brainwave GRC methodology based on ten years of experience and innovative technology available in SaaS mode.

This new offering quickly solves the three main difficulties of most role mining projects:  role modeling in a constantly changing professional environment, the ability to analyze an enormous volume of data and the involvement of several business line managers in the project.

Eric Bacher (VP R&D) states, “The real strength of Role Mining as a Service is that it offers much more than just a technology.  It is a true, tool-based consulting approach designed to maximize the success of the role mining mission by focusing on role quality.”

The latest embedded innovations are a result of years of experience and customer feedback:

  • Two-Way Analysis. Brainwave GRC’s unique approach ensures quality results. Our experts and partners rely on this proven methodology and innovative technology to lead interactive team workshops in order to identify relevant roles.
  • RoleFinder intelligence. This functionality reveals role suggestions in just one click.

Based on specially-designed algorithms, the solution proposes roles through an easy-to-understand graphical representation.

  • Role Mining Advisor. This detailed, step-by-step virtual guide offers advice at each step of the process, assessing the risks associated with the project in order to ensure its success.

Sébastien Faivre (CTO) concludes, “Role Mining as a Service marks a major turning point in the way Brainwave offers our solution, combining experience, innovation and support. This is the first in a long series of SaaS solutions to come.”

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About Brainwave

For ten years, Brainwave GRC has been a global leader in the analysis of secure access rights to applications and data.

Brainwave is a turnkey solution for companies and public organizations seeking to demonstrate compliance, reduce risk or simply ensure effective governance of access to various resources.

Brainwave’s strength lies in its ability to analyze data from any application and provide the tools needed to quickly make the right decisions about access rights.

Using our intuitive interface, business teams who are responsible for validating access rights engage more easily and efficiently thanks to the risk analyses and highlighted changes that may have evolved over time.

Today, Brainwave GRC is positioned internationally with offices in Europe and North America and continues to experience sustained growth year after year.