Brainwave GRC, a software vendor specialized in Identity Analytics, launches “AD Booster Cloud edition” a SAAS version of its Brainwave Identity GRC software in order to help companies easily control their Active Directory’s content.

As many companies still use Active Directory it remains a central repository for many information systems as a door to a wide range of an organization’s data and applications. Whether companies face modernization challenges, opening to cloud services or organizational changes, Active Directory remains a key factor for any digital transformation project. Data are now stored in the cloud and on premise and your Active Directory is often the main entrance door.

Active Directory is often one of malevolent individuals’ favorite targets. An issue in Active Directory management creates important security weaknesses that can give way to data leaks spread by an internal source. These security risks also represent a dreamed-of entrance door for hackers, especially if they target privileged accounts.

Active Directory’s access rights model is complex and evolves on a daily basis, following the company’s use of it. In consequence, it is often very hard and complicated to continuously ensure a sufficient security level without a proper tool.

Brainwave GRC launches its cloud solution for Active Directory to provide an out of the box solution for Active Directory audit and security. With this SAAS solution you can view, contextualize and analyze security risks and data quality issues with all your Active Directory domains as well as edit dashboards and reports.

With this solution any company can continuously monitor its AD referentials’ evolution and identify any anomaly, in a preventive and reactive way. The solution provides 360° visibility over AD:

  • Accounts and groups inventory
  • Bringing together accounts and their owners by reconciliating AD data with HR information regarding individuals and organizations
  • Privileged accounts identification and documentation
  • Security groups analysis
  • Highlighting security issues related to accounts (excessive access rights, dormant or residual accounts, never-changing passwords, etc) and groups (almost public groups, cyclic groups,…)
  • Illustrating changes having happened between two dates
  • Password policy analysis
  • Identifying accounts with local admin access rights
  • Analyzing authorized privileges within Active Directory through ACLs (who can reinitiate passwords, who can modify group members, etc)


Brainwave GRC cloud solution for Active Directory is accessible through subscription, immediately operational and requires no connector for the solution to connect to your IT system.

With Digital transformation, it has become necessary to closely monitor Active Directory. Any configuration mistake can lead to heavy security consequences. For example, an account remaining active by mistake can still give access to cloud applications linked to an AD referential. 

CISOs have already understood this risk and operate security controls over this referential, but these controls are often hard and laborious to operate. In consequence, analyses are often limited and remain superficial by lack of means or time. 

With AD Booster Cloud edition, our goal is to help CISOs improve their operational efficiency. The solution enables them to focus on monitoring and analyzing results rather than fighting with data extracts. The pricing model, a subsription mode, and the SAAS approach provide an immediate return on investment and are adapted to any company size”. 

explains Sébastien Faivre, Brainwave GRC Director.