Brainwave GRC & ISACA Montreal: how can technologies enable continuous audit and control?

Published the April 6, 2017

Brainwave GRC and ISACA Montreal conference

How can technologies enable continuous audit and control? 

From 11:30 am to 01:00pm – Thursday 13th of April 2017 in Montreal




Continuous audit and controls are among the most appealing evolutions for the audit and control world today. Nevertheless, they encounter strong obstacles:
– information compartmentalization and systems’ heterogeneity
– complex business processes involving numerous applications on-premise and cloud-based
– difficult identification of appropriate and fast-to-deploy solutions

During this luncheon organized by ISACA Montreal, Brainwave GRC will present examples of continuous audit and controls implementation within IT environments: IT access-related cyber risks, verification of compliance to SoD rules in business processes, etc. You will see how analytics and intelligence can improve greatly audit and controls efficiency and provide benefits for the whole organization.


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Speaker: Eric In from Brainwave GRC

  • Eric manages Brainwave Identity GRC inc., Brainwave GRC’s North-American subsidiary located in Canada. Before this, Eric was Investments Director at Entrepreneur Venture, an investment fund for technology and high-growth companies. For this position, he was in charge of technology investments (cloud information, security, online services) including Brainwave GRC. Eric has degrees in IT and finance.