User Behavior Analytics - UBA

Analyze user behaviors for security and compliance



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 Easily analyze unusual user behaviors

Brainwave Identity GRC Platform – Module

Visual analysis

Better than real-time analysis, UBA conducts an inventory and analyzes behaviors by operating comparisons within user groups with identical or alike job positions (Peer groups notion).

The visual comparaison of users within a group highlights behavioral differences in order to detect anomalies which could be fraud or cyber attack risks.

Alerts and investigations

Identify anomalies linked to the use of the information system’s resources. Whether they are important or unusual data mouvements or connexions operated at suprizing times or locations. Every discrepancy is analyzed and highlighted for investigation.

Native integration

Brainwave GRC UBA fits perfectly with other Brainwave solutions.

The mastering of mathematical algorithms and models by Brainwave GRC reinforces your system’s protection as a whole and ensures its resilience regarding internal and external attacks.

With UBA, detect abnormal activities based on low signals usually difficult to see

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