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Automate your system’s access rights and authorization inventory

Brainwave Identity GRC Platform

Data extraction

Before the inventory, your data are automatically collected from your IT system.

Without any intrusive connectors, data are extracted and updated in the solution at every upload in order for you to benefit from an complete and global visibility of your system with your users’ access rights always up to date.

User inventory

With Brainwave Identity GRC, create an inventory based on all users ith access to your data and applications in your information system, on premise and in the cloud.

You can list all internal and external users, their responsabilities, their job positions but also their access rights.

Access rights inventory

The solution enables you to conduct an inventory of all the accesses to your company’s resources. Without this inventory, the organization is exposed to security vulenrabilities often significant.

Brainwave Identity GRC orchestrates, facilitates and automates this inventory process while suppressing the usual technical and organizationnal obstacles.

Enjoy a full visibility at any time with an automated hr and technical inventory

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