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Identity GRC platform

From basic inventory to full access governance


A unique platform to centralize and automate your processes

Brainwave GRC solutions are based on the Identity GRC platform which is made of a powerful engine, sophisticated algorithms and a number of modules that can be be connected to the plateform and extend your perimeter to answer various needs.

The Brainwave GRC technology suits both IT needs and business needs and can operate basic tasks such as an access rights inventory all the way to segregation of duties at a business process level.

With this platform, the user can easily and quickly navigate on the solution’s web portal with features and reports adapted to his or her profile and needs (IT, auditor, manager, etc) and enjoys an optimal user experience.

This platform automates HR and technical data collection and reconciliation, whatever the sources are, in order to operate an inventory of the company’s data, users, their access rights, etc.

The solution also enables you to automate control and reporting processes and also includes remediation features following up the controls. Another modules enable you to conduct in-depth analyses, efficiently implement an SoD policy or monitor user behaviors (UBA).


Extent your Brainwave Identity GRC platform’s perimeter with the Marketplace and answer your specific needs with a wide range of add-ons.


Answer your specific needs with erady-to-use Brainwave GRC solutions.

The Brainwave GRC Marketplace’s web interface enables you to search for and install complementary features thansk to add-ons made available by Brainwave GRC but also by our clients and partners active community.

Secure and govern your whole environment

Benefit from an ecosystem of partners at your service

Identity management’s promise, operational efficiency oriented – “who works in the company” and who has access to what at a role level” – isn’t enough anymore. It is now essential for organizations to understand how companies’ sensitive assets are used by individuals in order to anticipate risks of cyber attack, fraud or data leak.

The new paradigm, based both on in-depth knowledge of access rights, is now reinforced by decision making aid methods and tools to identify “weak signals”.

We are proud to be the first European actor to answer these needs and challenges. Our “plug&play”  approach enables security managers and assets managers to regain control over the company’s assets wherever they are – on premise or in the cloud – and enable you to accelerate your digital transformation in a secure way.

Sebastien FAIVRE

CTO and co-founder, Brainwave GRC

Interface with other solutions

Brainwave GRC established solid partnerships with top integrators and technological actors to provide an extended perimeter for clients to fulfill their needs and interface easily  with Brainwave GRC.