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Automate and simplify your internal control tasks

Brainwave Identity GRC Platform – Module

Automated control plans

Brainwave Identity GRC ensures the automation of your repetitive control tasks, the management of manual reviews, the exceptions follow-up as well as corrective tasks for detected anomalies.

Internal control can then focus on tasks with added-value all the while being much more autonomous regarding IT.

Efficient SoD controls

Brainwave Identity GRC enables internal control teams to test SoD matrix prepared by business experts and to apply them efficienctly. How? The solution enables it by automating controls and defining workflows for discrepancies reviews as well as exceptions management.

Brainwave Identity GRC also enables companies to take in charge business processes from beginning to end in order to operate SoD controls over all involved applications.

Customizable and automated reports

The Brainwave Identity GRC solution has a reporting engine which includes hundreds of customizable standard reports, adaptable to any internal control team’s needs (compliance reports, control plans execution reports, etc).

It is possible with the solution to consolidate and ventilate control plans’ results. results, thanks to the reporting engine, can easily be used in an operational way.

easily Optimize the application of your controls policy

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