Access review and recertification

Orchestrate and secure your processes with Brainwave Identity GRC



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Automate your access review processes for a fast and easy certification

Brainwave Identity GRC platform – Module

Automate your reviews

Facilitate and improve your review processes in 5 stages:

Collect: Brainwave GRC collection engine and automated uploading.

Consolidate: authorization catalogue (extensible and agnostic model).

Analyse: automated reconciliation, data mining and advanced data visualization.

Review: access rights remediation tasks management.

Remediate: ticket generation for access rights modifications (ITSM interfacing).

Simplify your processes and improve collaboration

Information consolidation and enrichment (HR and technical)

Adaptation of the review process and solution interface to users’ profile.

Decision aid

Personalized dashboards, adapted to users’ profile.

Automated remediation of access rights all the way to verification.

Workload reduction and perimeter extension

Enable your IT teams to easily conduct their tasks and avoid a work overload with this access review module of theBrainwave Identity GRC solution.

Conduct efficient, fast and regular access reviews

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